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A Celestial Perspective

Cucinell Pamela


Westchester, NY
United States
T: 800-571-0239


Pamela Cucinell uses astrology as a tool to help you make better choices by understanding yourself and the people in your life.

Pam provides clear information you can really use. Horoscope wheel and audiotape provided.

Pamela Cucinell is a certified professional astrological consultant, tarot consultant, teacher, artist, psychic sensitive and writer. She is also a Reiki Master.

Profile and Credentials        

Pamela Cucinell is an astrology consultant certified by NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research). She has studied symbols and psychology at the CG Jung Institute in NYC and has studied life with tarot cards for over 20 years. She is a Reiki Master, a sensitive and an artist, working with the symbols of her disciplines in a spiritual and mythological way. Phone sessions available. She is considered an expert writer in her field on ezinearticles.com. Pamela was the owner/caretaker of Sunburst Oasis, a New Age gift store and wellness center in Mt. Kisco, NY. It is now on the web and you can subscribe there for her astrology updates and notices of local psychic events. Check out her blog at AstroChatter.com and for times for her blogtalkradio show. Find out more at sunburstoasis.com

Philosophy and Comments        

Astrology has been used for millennium to guide those who take the time to observe. When you look to the sky the wonder of the heavens can make you feel very small. But the amazing thing is, there's a symbolic language in the stars, which can allow you to feel the importance of your own journey. You can get a sense of your individual path: where you've been, where you are and where you're heading. The intuitive readings that spring from my interpretations of the astrological symbols can provide you with a helpful forecast to chart your path.

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