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Charlene Marsh



P. O. Box 444
Nashville, IN 47448
United States
T: 812-988-4497
F: 812-988-4497


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Charlene Marsh Studio


Charlene Marsh creates award winning tapestries that raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and it's inhabitants. The tapestries are excellent for the healing arts, bodywork, meditation, feng shui adjustments, and any application where shifting the frequency is essential. The artwork is made from hand dyed wool and, usually, metallic yarns tufted onto a cotton backing. The artist develops the dye formulas and hand dyes all the wool herself. Working intuitively, she creates each tapestry channeling the energy as it comes through. The artist works to transmute negative, lower, slower vibrations into higher, lighter, love vibrations that bring about profound healing on all levels of one's life. Recent inspirations include sacred geometry, the chakra energy system, and the mandala.

"Flower of the Soul", 44" x 81", hand dyed wool and metallic yarns tufted onto a cotton backing. Available for purchase.

Profile and Credentials        

"Aum Shanti", 44.5" x 81", hand dyed wool and metallic yarns tufted onto cotton. Available for purchase.

Public Collections: The White House, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Purdue University, Minnetrista Cultural Center, West Baden Springs/Indiana Historical Landmarks, Evansville Museum of Arts and Science, Brown County Public Library, Indiana State Museum, Brown County Community Foundation, numerous private collections.

Awards: Six Indiana Arts Commission grants; NEA/Arts Midwest Fellowhsip; Best of Show, Fiberarts International; Best of Show, Textile Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, Best of Show, Mesa, Arizona; Best of Show, Fourth Street Festival; Best of Show, Three Rivers Arts Festival; Gold Medallion Award (Best of Both Shows) Westmoreland, Pennsylvania; Helen Surovek Award (twice -- equivalent to Best of Show), NIAA Annual; Best of Show, John Waldron Art Center; numerous other awards, see resume on website for full details.

Exhibitions: Festival of the Masters, Disney World; Indiana State Museum, Steinbaum Krauss Gallery, NYC; Cahoon Museum of American Art, MA; National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.; Fort Wayne Museum of Art; Penn State University; Louisville Visual Arts Association; Indianapolis Museum of Art; Lamar Dodd Art Center; Quincy Art Center; Carnegie Museum of Art; Ohio Craft Museum; American Craft Council, Baltimore; Salt Lake City Art Center; Marian College, Calumet College, numerous other venues detailed on website.

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Film: Featured artist in a PBS film, "Continuing the Legacy of Art in Brown County."

Publications: Surface Design Journal, American Crafts, Fiberarts, many others detailed on website

Professional Affiliations: Board member, Brown County Arts and Cultural Commission; Writer for Sunshine Artist magazine; Member, Indiana Artists' Club, Member, Art Alliance Brown County.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Om Jai Ma Gaia", 44" x 44", hand dyed wool tufted onto cotton. Available for purchase.

Each tapestry is imbued with a higher vibrational frequency and acts as an interdimensional gateway to assist one in healing and empowerment. The tapestries transmute negative energy into powerful, positive energy creating a sacred space. The artist channels energy from the higher frequencies and manifests them in our third dimensional, earth based reality in the form of these powerful artworks allowing the viewer access to these higher realms. The artworks help shift the energies from a slower, denser form into a higher, lighter form. The tapestries are excellent for meditation, bodywork, healing and energy work, and feng shui adjustments. These spiritual artworks help create a climate of joy, peace, love, health, happiness, gratitude, unity, and humility. Each one is beautiful and enhances the space in which it is used. The artworks may be permanently hung in the space or one may use the piece for meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices. The artist recommends that when the piece is not being used for it's special purpose, it be rolled up and stored safely so that it retains and builds upon it's higher vibrational frequency.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The artist will channel a piece specifically for you, your family, your business, your needs, and your space to bring about a profound, positive shift in your energy. The artist charges $4.00 per square inch plus shipping and handling for the finished artwork which will be ready to hang in your space when you receive it. A 10" x 12" minimum size, please.

"Shakti Yantra", 44" x 45", hand dyed wool and metallic yarns tufted onto cotton. Available for purchase.


"Jai Ram", 45" x 46", hand dyed wool and metallic yarns tufted onto cotton. Available for purchase.


"Om Tara", 43" x 79", hand dyed wool and metallic yarns tufted onto cotton. Private Collection.


"Shifting Frequencies", 32" x 46", hand dyed wool and metallic yarns tufted onto cotton. Available for purchase.


"Breaking Free of Consensus Reality", 41" x 61", hand dyed wool and metallic yarns tufted onto a cotton backing. Available for purchase.

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