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Charlotte Hanna Nuessle



Kailua, HI 96734-2133
United States
T: 808-230-8902
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Hawai'i Yoga and Wellness Services, LLC


"Better health through breath and movement"

Discover tools of Yoga in the Viniyoga tradition.
Care for Your Body - adaptive Yoga practice relieves soreness, stretches tight muscles, increases circulation, develops strength and confidence. Calm Your Mind - conscious breathing energizes you, it also steadies the mind and balances emotions.
Fulfill Your Heart - Reflect on what is important to you and build momentum to steer your life toward meaningful expression and spiritual renewal, respecting your interests and beliefs.

Profile and Credentials        

Professionally Registered Yoga Teacher, 2003, American Viniyoga Institute; 1980, Kriplau Center for Yoga and Health
Candidate, Yoga Therapy certification (2005), American Viniyoga Institute
Former senior staff member (1976 - 1995) and Yoga Programs faculty (1992 - 1996), Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox, MA.
Member, International Association of Yoga Therapists
Member, Kripalu Yoga Teachers' Foundation
B.Sc., Gerontology, Thomas Edison State College, N.J.
Certified Health Realization Coach, 1999, Optimal Living Institute
Certified PACE instructor, 2002, American Arthritis Foundation

Philosophy and Comments        

Yoga is a science that is thousands of years old. It is a system of applying yourself to unfold the inherent potential that is unique to each of us. Through a practice that is carefully adapted to your needs you develop physical well-being, mental clarity and steadiness, and fulfill the heart/spirit. You cultivate a sense of well-being that benefits all aspects of your being.
Viniyoga has a solid reputation for its practical application of Yoga for the needs of the individual. Teachers are well trained to preserve the ancient teachings of yoga yet bring them alive in a relevant way.
You are encouraged to find what has value for your life, in your own way.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Classes are offered in various location on Oahu. A current class and workshop schedule can be found by visiting the calendar page at www.hawaiiyogandwellness.com
Workshops on areas of interest are offered regularly. Retreats for individuals and couples are tailored to your needs. Couples' retreats blend Yoga and reflection with coaching offered by Will Nuessle, PH.D., licensed psychologist who specializes in nurturing the good feelings that keep a relationship vital.
Private instruction focuses on starting from where you are and developing your potential for greater well-being in every aspect of your life.

Maturing bodies need TLC        

Charlotte's baccalaureate degree is in Gerontology. One of her specialties is in recognizing the need for adaptation, respecting the need to change your practice of Yoga as the body changes. Her background includes training and offering classes and private instruction in Safe Yoga for Osteoporosis. Her studies with the American Arthritis Foundation helps her understand the need to respect arthritic joints through a gentle, progressive approach. Personal instruction gives you the attention to focus on specific areas of concern at your own pace. To get started, the introductory series of four hours instruction is $100. Call for information on private instruction and other services, 808-230-8902.

Keep a Good Feeling Alive in Your Relationship        

Just as we need to grow individually, the opportunity to grow together as a couple is rich and rewarding. Sharing experiences that build on your love for each other enhances your life as a couple. A couples' retreat combines Yoga practices, coaching, massage and time to enjoy each other. The retreat is tailored for you. A weekend retreat includes:
1 hour massage for each of you per retreat
2 coaching sessions daily with Will Nuessle, Ph.D. - focused on keeping a good feeling alive in your relationship and in your communication.
1.5 hours Yoga daily - optional outside
We suggest you take time away from your busy lives and create a weekend that nourishes you.
This retreat is $600. per couple. Call for info.

New to Yoga?        

Viniyoga is a wonderful way to get started in Yoga. Classes are offered in several locations on Oahu. You'll learn poses that can be adapted to address specific places in the body such as sore shoulders and neck tension. What you learn can be practiced at home.
A great resource to complement taking classes is to purchase a copy of "Yoga for Wellness," by Gary Kraftsow. The book contains lots of useful information on adapting Yoga for specific needs. It becomes a tool to guide your practice at home.
For a complete listing of classes check out the web: www.hawaiiyogaandwellness.com or call Charlotte at 808-230-8902.

Yoga for Cancer        

This year a new kind of a retreat is being offered on Oahu, the Cancer Education and Wellness Retreat. It brings together medical professionals with complimentary healing professionals to share the path of healing and living with Cancer. If you are dealing with Cancer and are looking for more understanding of where to turn for guidance, are interested in exploring new alternatives to manage the symptoms that accompany treatment, are caring for someone with Cancer, or are a professional yourself, you are invited to attend.
For information, www.alohawellnesstravel.com or 808-941-8253.

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