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Heather Bury



237 Curtis Road
Comox, BC V9M 3W1
T: 250-339-5260
F: 250-339-5260


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Heather Bury, Dr.TCM, Cert. Rebalancer


Clearheart Bodywork Conscious Touch Training is a 3 month substantive and inspiring educational opportunity based on human anatomy, Traditional Chinese medicine energy pathways and points, and effective joint release and deep tissue massage techniques. A Certificate Program (with 24 continuing education credits for Registered Massage Therapists) and evening classes will be offered September 20 to December 10, 2005 in Comox valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Profile and Credentials        

Heather Bury, Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Certified Rebalancer in private practice since 1992, instructs the certificate program and evening classes. She brings teaching experience from the Global College of TCM and the Windsong School of Healing in BC, and the Kootenay School of Rebalancing in Costa Rica. She delights in sharing and encouraging participants in their process of understanding and skill development.

Philosophy and Comments        

Clearheart Bodywork is given with the intention of lovingly increasing awareness,releasing the connective tissue, soothing the nervous system, and restoring the natural sense of wholeness. The mission of the school is to provide high quality education in anatomy, Traditional Chinese medicine energetics, and hand-on bodywork in a supportive learning environment that fosters integrity and wisdom.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

As in the website (www.clearheartbodywork.com),
252 hour Certificate Program runs Sept 20 to Dec 10, Tuesdays to Fridays, 9 am to 3:15 pm, and 16 hour evening classes run Sept 20 to Nov 10, Tuesdays (anatomy), Wednesdays (practical Oriental medicine) and Thursdays (bodywork principles and techniques) 7 pm to 9 pm.





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