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Children of the New Earth Online


Children of the New Earth Online Magazine is your primary resource for information on the phenomenon known as the Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Star Children, or Rainbow Children. Published online monthly, with information on parenting, health and nutrition, ADD/ADHD, spirituality, science and evolution, homeschooling and much much more. Win free books and products, advertise your product, and join us for the most up-to-date information on these amazing new kids!
The children are our passion! They are also our future! And nothing is more important than they are! As the guardians of their future, they need your wholehearted support, and your willingness to expand your own horizons in order to help them transform the world they live in.

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Brought to you by the team responsible for the successful monthly online magazine at www.PlanetLightworker.com, Children of the New Earth Online magazine is intended to be a beacon of inspiration and information that gives a voice to the growing international community of teachers, psychologists, doctors, healers, and concerned parents who foresee the necessity for a paradigm shift in the way we feed, nurture, educate and relate to today's children.

Children of the New Earth Online aims to open the door between the fields of education, psychology, ecology, science, nutrition and spirituality. Its mission is to provide a unified forum for the dissemination of information on all issues pertaining to the physical, emotional, mental and psychological development and wellbeing of all children. To this end, its primary focus will be to investigate critical issues pertaining to children ahead of mainstream media; to research and highlight the work of pioneers in all fields who are lighting the way for the children of our future, and keeping our readers up to date with developments worldwide.

Children of the New Earth Online is an independent online publication with no business, religious or institutional ties. Its staff, contributors, advisory panel and international team of contributing editors are drawn from wide and diverse paths of education, medicine, psychology, nutrition, healing, spirituality and the media.

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For just $25.00 you can now gain access to 12 MONTHLY editions of CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH MAGAZINE ONLINE.





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