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College of the Botanical Healing Arts

Elizabeth Jones


1821 17th Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
United States
T: 831-462-1807
F: 831-462-9307

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The College of the Botanical Healing Arts is a college dedicated to providing education, healing services, and research in the art and science of essential oils. The College is the first Aromatherapy college in California, and offers a Level 1 Introductory course as well as a comprehensive 334 hours Certification program. The College has been approved by the California States Bureau of Post Secondary Vocational Education. Please contact us for more information about our wonderful programs and staff.

Profile and Credentials        

Elizabeth Jones is the Director and founder of COBHA. She is a leading educator in the botanical essential oil field. She enjoys sharing knowledge on the scientific as well as the energetic aspects of essential oils. She has a Masters Degree in Education.

Jim Symes is a fantastic teacher and Phd of chemistry. He offers a fresh approach to Chemistry concepts and distillation.

Santana Shoemaker has a rich background in the healing fields of herbology, homeopathy, essential oils, and esoteric healing.

Philosophy and Comments        

One philosophy is that healthy people need integrative medicine. This means combining preventative healing modalities such as Essential Oil Therapy with Western medicine. COBHA educates students to be practicioners with knowledge of Essential Oils, herbs, nutrition, and healthy life styles.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

10% discount offered for classes if paid four weeks in advance

Level 1: Foundation Course 36 hours $540

Level 2:

Course 1 - History of Medicine 20 hours $300

Course 2 - AromaBotany 32 hours $480

Course 3 - Physiology 1 24 hours $360

Physiology 2 24 hours $360

Course 4 - Essential Oil Chemistry 26 hours $405

Crouse 5 - Mind & Body 32 hours $480

Course 6 - Clinical Science 28 hours $420

Course 7 - Energetic Healing 20 hours $300

Course 8 - Communication & Business Skills 12 hours $180

Course 9 - Clinical Practice Theory 24 hours $360

Course 10 - Clinical Internship 28 hours $420

plus electives: 64 hours





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