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A Company of Strangers

Charles Butler


3205 Kimberly Road
Hyattsville, MD 20782-3722
United States
T: 240-765-5748

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Theatrical musical troop devoted to music/theatre with a message. Current original productions explore myth, magick, and midrash.

Profile and Credentials        

Charles Butler, playwright, poet, and minister since 1988. Psychic reader since 1985.Musician since 1958..

Rosanna Tufts, arranger, composer, since 1988. Hindu astrologer since 2005.

Philosophy and Comments        

We write and present stories to entertain, amuse, and teach compassion through storytelling. We reach to perdition to find paradise. The unexpected turn, the soaring melody, the confrontation that turns to healing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Conferences yearly, performances monthly, worship weekly.

Productions by invitation, teaching by design, worship weekly, Counseling daily by request.

All fees are negotiable, call for a quote or discuss a need.





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