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Lorraine Ferrante Midwife IBCLC


Snowflake arizona
Taylor, AZ 85939
United States
T: 928-600-5600

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Welcome to "Conscious Choices MIDWIFE and LACTATION Services". When we live in a way that is in harmony with the rhythms of life, that which honors our roots and preserves our future, we are living consciously. The concept behind this unique service to the White Mountain area is to provide CHOICES for women with a "Belly full of Baby" and assistance to the HOME BIRTH with a MIDWIFE family. As a HOME BIRTH MIDWIFE I can be there to guide and support you. Postpartum services and herbal remedies available. Se hablo espanol. HOME BIRTH MIDWIFE SNOWFLAKE ARIZONA

Profile and Credentials        

Being a direct entry MIDWIFE for the last almost 2 decades has given me a profound understanding of the natural BIRTH process and the wise women ways to empower you to seek your truth and understanding surrounding the HOME BIRTH process of your choice. I have 30 years Nursing experience, a degree in Social Work with 20 years of clinical experience.A mother of 4,and 4 grandchild. My years of professional experience and real life experiences working with women enables me to provide you with the best care available during your pregnancy, birth and beyond. I am an experienced certified Birth and Postpartum DOULA. Blessing-Way ceremonies are a good way to honor the life changing aspects of mother hood and beyond. I offer child birth preparation classes,hypnobirthing techniques, lotus BIRTH, water BIRTH and herbal remedies. I am also an IBCLC to address any of your Breast Feeding concerns. Menopause support, and fertility awareness are also part of the practice.We also offer belly casting/mapping and infant massage. Hablo Espanol HOME BIRTH MIDWIFE SNOWFLAKE

Philosophy and Comments        

My intention is to provide you with an understanding of conscious BIRTH through conscious choices. These MIDWIFE services help you learn to trust in the natural process of HOME BIRTH without fear. With proper educational and emotional support together we will create the HOME BIRTH you desire. My gathered knowledge and experience in MIDWIFE prepare you with the tools necessary to facilitate a safe and natural HOME BIRTH with a qualified Midwife. Conscious choices means being in sync with the natural rhythms of BIRTH In this hectic day to day life we sometimes experience we lose site of the flow of conscious living. By offering these services you will develop a better understanding of your choices enhancing the quality of your BIRTH Create the BIRTH you want. Remain in the comforts of your home. I'm Convenient, Affordable, and Life Changing MIDWIFE! SNOWFLAKE MIDWIFE

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call or contact to set up a free consultation.

Enhance your birthing experience. HOME BIRTH MIDWIFE SNOWFLAKE ARIZONA


HOME BIRTH is as unique as the individual. My philosophy of care reflects my dedication to safeguarding the childbearing process and personalizing it. I encourage you to trust your own instincts, seek solid information, and make valuable informed decisions during this profound experience of your life. Having a baby is a safe, natural and healthy life process with an opportunity for empowerment. It is a privilege and honor to be trusted as your handmaiden with your "belly full of baby"! I look forward to serving you. MIDWIFE AT HOME IN SNOWFLAKE ARIZONA

The late great Jeannie Parvati Baker        

The 6 of us here; a dear friend who has a 3 year old, Jeannine and myself, (we're all double Geminis!) apprenticing before her demise in Joseph UT. Her voice lives through me as I continue to speak out on her behalf, advocating for int-activism, lotus birth, unassisted birth, free choice and empowering women worldwide. You, Jeannine were the epitome of midwifery and the practice of wise-women ways. I dedicate my life to preserving your work.

Herbal remedies/foraging        

CONSCIOUS CHOICES is proud to offer a line of herbal salve remedies: COMFORTING COMFREY BASED SALVES. These salves are made with a base of local, fresh organically grown comfrey leaves infused in organic olive oil, Shea butter, vitamin E oil and beeswax. Comforting Comfrey Based Salves comes in 6 varieties for your healing needs: Plantain, Chaparral, Lavender, Calendula, Arnica or just plain Comfrey. All are available in a reusable 2 oz jar for $10.00. Comfrey has been cultivated since 400BC, a common wild plant of great virtue. When comfrey is added with these other ethically wild-crafted or organically grown plants, you have an optimum healing potential. I also have the finest ethically wildcrafted plants, all gathered right here in the Arizona region (or grown in my back yard in sunny SNOWFLAKE Az.); Osha root and Soothing Osha syrup, leaves of Yerba Santa, Blue Vervain, Mugwort, Arizona Arnica and Motherwort. Tinctures of Gentian, Valerian, Lomatium and Black Cohosh.I use many herbal remedies in my MIDWIFE practice when working with childbearing women. I gather these plants in the wild or grow them in my organic garden.

Straw bale construction        

Are you looking for information regarding the construction of a straw bale dwelling...Also, sheeps wool insulation and purchasing options for batts of wool for you environmentally minded builders

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