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5631 NW 77 Court
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Janice Scott-Reeder


Psychic, Druid, Master Tarot Reading, Astrologer. Biofeedback therapist, Hypnotherapist. I offer readings at www.findapsychic.com and supplies from the company web site. Let me help you have the life you want. Cats welcome!

Profile and Credentials        

AA Psychology, BA Experiemental Psychology, Post Graduate work: Psychology of Men, experimental. Aromatherapist. Astrologer, Druid, Biofeedback Therapist, Hyponotherapist. Teacher, lecturer and Author. I have been psychic since birth as have been all the females in my family. I am mainly Highland Scottish, some English and German. I have 8 years experience as a hypnotherapist, biofeedback therapist, pain management specialist and counselor in a psychiatric practice.

Philosophy and Comments        

I am a Druid and have always been. My Highland Scottish ancestry is Druidic. We believe in a Godforce that flows through every living thing and around non-living things. We recognize and respect all entities of other forms. I have communed and lived within both worlds all my life. In Native American tradition I called a Walker Between Worlds. I have teachers on the spirit level, fairies that have been with my family for all time, communications with other elementals and a special relationship with salamanders. I am a medium. I have studied all forms of the occult sciences including astrology, ceremonial magick, Wicca, most forms of divination and most religions. I believe we can create out own reality and yes, I do see dead people.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am available for appointment usually 2 - 7 PM Tuesday through Saturday. I do mediumship only after sunset. Special times can be arranged. My fee is simply $25.00 per each 10 minutes. Readings can be purchased at the shop: The Cosmic Salamander or on the website: www.findapsychic.com or through www.ebay.com/the-psychic-network. Paypal is available on the web and credit cards can be taken over the phone. Payment by mail of checks (must clear before reading) and Money Orders are Okay. In the shop most forms are payment can be used.
There is one and only one free question via email.
Sorry, but through experience we have learned we must be tough or we are taken advantage of by people who are not sincere about their growth and development.

The Tarot        

The Tarot is a tool I use for readings. It allows me to zero in on a person's needs. The card is a focal point. From that point I use clairvoyance and spirit contact to read the individual. Considering most decks contain 78 cards and the meaning are read both upright and reversed, that give you a lot of options for a focal point. I have always found the Tarot to be extremely accurate and detailed. Do not expect my readings to be like others. I have been reading cards since I was 5 years old. I use a vareity of decks depending on the person's needs. I feel the reading should not only provide you with a glimpse of the future but the option to change it.


For a system that has existed over a 2,000 years in some form, it is amazing how many detractors it has. Would anything last that long if it didn't have some validity? I studied astrology formally at age 21 for 5 years before I began my practice. In the old days, you went to school, interned and then branched out on your own. I am old enough to have been under the old system. Astrology is an exact science and it shows and individual what they are capable of, what influences are currently at work in their life and how to proceed with the least amount of resistance. An astrologer is a better choice than a computer because your astrological forecast must take into consideration where you are on your life's learning curve and a computer program cannot do that.


Now a days they call it channeling. In olden days, channeling was a form of clairaudience. True mediumship requires the medium to give their body over to the spirit, ie. leave their body completely, who then communicates verbally with the sitters. I am a true mediuum and I also channel. Channeling is easier on the physical body than mediumship. I do not leave my body in the day time as sunlight pokes cute little holes in the astral body that manifest in illness and weakness. I have been a full medium most of my life. I have always seen spirits, ghost and elementals and talked to them. Every female member of my family has had this ability to some degree. I am the best trained. I do not allow mediumship for just anyone who asks. You will have to present your case as to why you wish to disturb the dead and communicate with spirits.

Walker Between Worlds        

I can leave my body and enter the astral realms, some of which are the after life. I can contact specific individuals that have passed over. However, I am bound by certain rules in the spirit realm. Okay, I've been known to break them now and then, but for the most part those rules are there for my protection and the spirit's. So I'm good, most of the time, though my spirit guide claims I have given him grey hair. He can make his hair any colour he wants. This also means I can astral project in this physical realm and do quite regularly. I have been unattached in time and space since birth. Each request is considered on its merits.

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