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Andrea Sulzbacher


Redondo Beach, CA 90278
United States
T: 310.503.0956


Cre8balance™ is a healing system fusing the power of intention and the disciplines of yoga, pilates, tai chi, breath-work, meditation and healing touch therapy. This healing system focuses on heart wisdom, where spirit converts to body intelligence and personal power to connect with our soul purpose and unify, balance and heal body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Profile and Credentials        

About Andrea

From a very early age, Ms. Andrea Sulzbacher was captivated with fitness, health and well being, possessing a strong desire for a physical fit body and searching for a deeper meaning in life. During a period of her own healing process Ms. Sulzbacher experienced major life changes, transitioning into a healthy body and regaining of strength and power from within. Her profound transformation and learning the importance of cultivating an open heart and embracing the goddess from within lead her on a path of reclaiming her power as a gifted healer and ultimately propelling her towards the development of a healing system that reunites and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

For the past 7 years, Andrea has utilized her insight and leadership skills to educate those in the Los Angeles area through a program she developed known as Cre8balance™, designed specifically to help people realign with their heart centers/soul purpose, balance their masculine (warrior) and feminine (goddess) energies from within and strengthening the “I AM” presence for more personal power and courage. Ms. Sulzbacher has taken a pioneering approach to exercise and well being, incorporating various ancient healing arts, such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, meditation, breath-work and energy healing, empowering people to cultivate “heart wisdom” and finding strentht from within.

As a Transformational Coach, healer and educator, Ms. Sulzbacher holds a B.A. degree in Psychology and has been certified as a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, a certified Pilates Instructor through the Physical Mind Institute and a certified Yoga Instructor from Sacred Movement/Exhale in Santa Monica. She is also certified in Tai Chi Sword as well as 18 Steps Harmony Style Tai Chi, through the Ni Family Tradition at Yo San University. Under the training of Meg Benedicte, founder of the Unified Field Therapy™, Andrea has activated and integrated a healing technique to access 12th-Dimensional Light.

Born and raised in Austria, Ms. Sulzbacher has been living in Los Angeles for the past 14 years. She has established a thriving private practice and teaches Cre8balance™ workshops and classes throughout the Los Angeles area. Andrea applies polarity stretching, shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, energy healing and spiritual counseling, to assist her clients release emotional trauma/blocked energy and open up the flow of life force.

Today, there are few programs or instructors that compare to that of Ms. Sulzbacher’s ability in reaching true inner balance, optimal health and overall body conditioning. To schedule an appointment or sign up for upcoming classes, contact andrea@crea8balance.com.

Philosophy and Comments        

What is Cre8balance?

Cre8balance™ raises human awareness and consciousness by healing and unifying our original holistic system of body, mind, emotions and spirit. This unique system focuses on heart wisdom, where spirit converts to body intelligence and authentic personal power. By incorporating the methods of Cre8balance™ into your life you will re-connect with spirit and build a strong internal core of energy, sourced by the “I AM” Presence; the Divine Presence within. This core power source will provide inner resilience, calm centeredness, self-security and confidence. By merging with the loving presence of our soul at the heart center we experience more joy and abundance, and start living our true purpose in life. As we embody our internal Soul presence we are able to mend all separation and build an internal foundation of strength. This Healing technique fuses the power of intention and the disciplines of yoga, pilates, tai chi, breath-work, meditation and energy healing to awaken our inner healing power and balance our masculine and feminine energies.

Now more than ever our society has reached a critical point of imbalance by misusing the masculine energy of competition, force and aggressive behavior. To balance the universal energies, we need to reclaim the power of the feminine virtues of unconditional love, compassion, inner wisdom, intuition and nurturing care. It is time to awaken the Goddess Warrior within our own beings and realize the healing power that we can access from within by tuning into the subtle energies of the universe and the power of unconditional love and oneness.

It is through the power of our “Breath” that we are able to access the infinite ascending and descending spiral of life force and therefore re-connect with the holistic system that fuels the universe. With a fully functioning heart center and a powerful core ‘I AM” presence you will be able to experience inner emotions in the sensory system (feeling centers) and learn how to identify and detect energetic blockages or debilitating patterns. Cre8balance™ targets these imbalances and assists in peeling away the layers of blockages, so that you can heal from the inside out. Emotional awareness is the key to transforming and allowing energy to circulate and the presence of spirit to illumine life experience.

People who are controlled by the lower/egoic self and live their life in fear, experience separation from divine intelligence (accessed in our heart center) and therefore accumulate and store emotional trauma and negative memories in their body. This results in sickness, despair, anxiety and energetic imbalances. We are energetic beings who are able to use our breath to guide, move and transform energy into a balanced flow of life force (chi).

Cre8balance will re-educate the body to restore posture and flexibility for an optimum energy flow…re-program the mind by keeping our focus on love and divine guidance and reconnect to spirit by getting in touch with our emotions and the subtle energies within and around us.

“To create true balance we need to realize that we are all ONE…connected to the our soul presence and the universe through our heart center, where the two energies of masculine and feminine unite and seek to blend into perfect balance”

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Private Sessions

Private Cre8balance Sessions, Self Transformational Healing and Energy Balancing Sessions are available by appointment only. Home visits are also available for an extra fee of $20. - for each package/session. For location and to set up a private appointment please use the following options:


E-mail: andrea@cre8balance.com

Cre8balance class:

When: Tuesdays from 6PM - 7:25PM

Where: YogaSofia in Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

www.yogasofia.com - phone: 310.798.0377



“In my 56 years, I truly believe that Andrea has been one of the most positive and powerful influences in my life. She played a huge role in preparing me physically and spiritually for my two major hip surgeries. Pilates core strengthening, yoga stretching and meditation are just a small component of my time with her. She has taught me the importance of loving and accepting myself, finding time for myself and most of all the importance of the Breath! I never breathed fully and correctly, before I met Andrea, for it has caused me to be more conscious and present in my body and in this world. To say that she is “wise beyond her years” is an understatement. She is love, light, full of positive energy, and dedicated intensely to her clients! I am so grateful to be one of her students…. “Sandy Furano”

“Andrea feeds from a profound training and deep knowledge of all areas of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Energy Healing and more. She is extremely focused and professional about her work, but what sets her apart most is her undying devotion to help her clients and to share her amazing energy. No session is ever alike and each on is tailored to my immediate need. Never have I left her studio not feeling 100% better after getting stretched, rubbed and massaged. Andrea has made a serious impact in my life and there is not a day when I don’t live and breathe the things she taught me”…“Ursula Beatt”

“I highly recommend Andrea's healing program, Cre8balance, for everyone who is seeking to feel more connected, grounded, and balanced. She has developed a comprehensive system that combines core-strengthening movement with healing breathwork, so that you can improve your mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. Andrea's gentle, encouraging manner makes her the perfect life coach! You are guaranteed to feel results immediately and will want to keep coming back for more”….”Meg Benedicte”

“Before Andrea entered my life I was running around like crazy, raising a family… running a business…managing a large office… oh, and trying to have a life… I thought this was balance! Andrea has taught me ways and techniques to stay centered in my heart, stay in the present moment and connect my body, mind and soul. I feel stronger, more balanced and decisions come much easier!”…“Sue Freeman”

“I have found my work with Andrea to be very rewarding. I am not one who easily takes to exercise, so I need it to both spiritual and physical for me to continue. Andrea’s work ties my physical movement into my spiritual experience, which assists me to get grounded and align my mind, body and spirit. I have enjoyed our work, and we also get some good laughs. I would recommend Andrea to anyone.”…”Suzanne Lie”

“I was in a place in my life where I needed emotional healing and I realized that this would take time, work and introspection. Andrea was able to guide me through my healing process with compassion, wisdom and understanding. Her intuition knew exactly what I needed to learn and understand, so I can get to a place of balance and peace. I am happier, in a much better place and feel more centered. The decisions I now make are from inner wisdom and are the right ones for me….”Bob Larson”

“I have been Andrea’s client for over 5 years and her intuition is always able to guide me feeling more centered, calm and energized. After working with her, I find myself more patient and grounded, which helps me to handle life’s challenges with more ease. Andrea’s healing sessions are phenomenal. Her healing touch brings me to a place of serenity, and complete relaxation. If I do nothing else for myself all week, I am sure to come to my Cre8balance session…”Lisa Wehrly”

“Andrea is a spiritually oriented instructor with a hands-on approach and watchful eye keeping track of my every move. She is very present and has a vast knowledge of Pilates, Reiki,Yoga and Acupressure that provides a personalized and well rounded work out experience. Under Andrea's tutelage, my entire body had become stronger, my lung capacity has increased and my neck and back no longer ache. She also gives great foot, neck and shoulder massages…”Velda Ishizaki”

“I have received treatments from other energy healers before, but never have I felt such a strong connection to spirit as I did when Andrea worked on me. She is truly powerful; I left her office feeling calm and centered and knowing that things are moving in the right direction…”Maike Both”

“During my healing session with Andrea I felt this lightness and spaciousness like I was in heaven, connected to everything and trusting that everything I need is here for me all the time. I felt wonderful and a feeling of no limitations. It was one of the best things I can do to recharge myself. My breathing has improved and I have begun to look at breathing in a whole new way. She truly has a gift for healing, is very knowledgeable and shares her great energy…”Susan Ankersen”

“I recently lost my husband of many years. Having been a caregiver to my children, my parents and then my husband, I had no idea what losing him would do to my personal identity. After my healing session with Andrea, the focus of my life has returned. Her ability to listen to my inner-self and intuitively discern where and who I was, and where I wanted to be, and how I wanted to grow, has opened my mental and physical psyche, allowing me to become the person I had always dreamed of being but was unable to make happen. I am now connected to my soul and my body feels more open and lighter. I have learned to open my energy centers and I am completely open to the universe. ”Bless you Andrea”…”Dede Utzinger”




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