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DaEl Walker - Crystal Awareness Institute

DaEl Walker


PO Box 348
Sunol, CA 94586
United States
T: 925 862 2332
F: 925 862 0623

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DaEl Walker is Founder of the Crystal Awareness Institute, Teacher, and Crystalotherapy Master Healer.

Our system uses crystals, the Wheel of Life medallion, prayer, touch, and color for accelerated healing. For example, pain relief within 10 minutes. We offer effective distant healing working only with photographs or other primary witnesses.

We offer 12 levels of training for Professional Crystalotherapist. Also weeklong retreats in healing, Crystal Energy Grid Systems, and making ritual Magic Wands. For more information, email us.

Our therapists are currently operating in the U.S., Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and Brazil. Healing classes are available. We offer Continuing Education Units for Registered Nurses under Provider #7311.

Profile and Credentials        

DaEl Walker is the Director of the Crystal Awareness Institute. For over 25 years he has focused research on subtle energy, crystals, healing, and sensitivity training. He has taught in 9 countries on 4 continents. He was the first western healer to teach healing to Japan. In February 1996, he was the only international speaker at the first New Age Expo in Asia, in Hong Kong. November 1996 he was the only American among 28 presenters at the first "Conference of Alternative Therapies" held in Eastern Europe, in Romania. His presentation was officially voted Best of Conference by the attendees. In 1998 he received the Martin De La Cruz Prize from the Academia Mexicana de Medicina Tradicional, at the 12th International Conference on Traditional Medicine, cosponsored by the University of New Mexico. This prize is given each year to the individual or organization that has contributed the most to alternative healing.

He has been involved in Crystal Skull Research since 1986 when he was part of a team of researchers who went to Canada and worked with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. He has since worked on 27 crystal skulls and is the guardian of Rainbow, an ancient crystal skull. He is now travelling with the skull and bringing it to the attention of the world.

DaEl is part Native American, descended from the Cherokee tribe. He is an elder in the Spirit Horse Medicine Society.

He is the author of The Crystal Book, The Crystal Healing Book, co-author of the Crystal Sourcebook, has just finished the soon to be published Crystalotherapy, and is presently writing another book, Physics of Emotion. He has written a series of articles on alternative therapies for the Tin Tin Daily News in Hong Kong. He was recently the guest editor for Insight magazine in Australia and now writes a monthly column.

DaEl is a favorite of the media and has appeared on over 500 radio and TV shows in 9 countries. He has been the subject of news specials on ABC, CBC Canada, CBS, CNN, and NBC.

If you wish to contact DaEl for speaking engagements or workshops please call: 925-862-2332, fax 925-862-0623 or email.

Philosophy and Comments        

Intense interest in any form of energy healing. I want to connect with anyone who wants to learn to heal or share their method with us. I am especially interested in working with nurses. We have the only BRN Provider number for crystal healing, #7311.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Personal sessions, $75 per session, about 1 hour. My students get $50 per session. My time is according to my availability. Much of my time I am away doing teaching. Call 925 862 2332 or email

Wheel of Life        

The Wheel of Life medallion is possibly the most powerful source of usable healing life energy available. There is no electrical circuitry, no magnets, simply metal and precious stones. It uses sacred geometry to create a flow of life force energy that can protect and heal.

When worn around the neck, it charges up the immune system and creates a protective shield against negative emotions emitted by people you meet and even stored in the walls and furniture of rooms you enter. Hospitals are the prime examples. All of the pain and negative feelings of the people who enter hospitals are stored in the walls and even in the waiting room furniture. When you wear the Wheel of Life it surrounds you with a buffer zone of positive energy which extends out as much as 60 feet, 20 metres. This protective ball of light neutralizes negative emotions before they can affect you.

You are bombarded, constantly, by electromagnetic pulses from computers, printers, fax machines, phones, televisions, copy machines, microwave ovens, and fluorescent lights. This is created when you use your alternative current electrical system. Because it alternates between positive and negative polarities, it emits magnetic pulses which are detrimental to all living creatures: plants, animals and people. These are major stresses on the immune system and are health problems of increasing severity.

Exhaustive tests with kinesiology, biofeedback machines, and kirlian photography show that 90% of these stresses are countered by the forces operating within the Wheel of Life.

For more info or to order, please see this page


For more information see this page


Crystalotherapy 1 & 2 - Basic Healing.

Work directly on pain or tension and achieve a reduction within 10 minutes. Accelerate all healing processes. Remove blockages from the inner meridians and balance the neurological system. Balance right and left hemispheres of the brain. Stop headaches, even migraines. Stimulate and balance the circulatory system. Learn different methods for balancing the chakras for yourself and your patient. Stimulate and clear the external meridians for muscles and cartilage repair. Scan the aura for energy blockages and remove them. Learn about reverse polarity. You can help 80% of all problems with just these two days. 10 Continuing Education Units for California registered nurses. $195

Crystalotherapy 3 & 4 - Advanced Healing. Prequisite: Crystalotherapy 1 & 2.

Relieve tension in the upper body: hands, arms, shoulders, and neck. Learn the Emergency! This technique gives instant help with physical and emotional traumas. Stop pain and bleeding, and set the immune system into high speed recovery. Use the Four Color method to heal at all levels of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Learn special Four Color Treatments for specific ailments such as Arthritis, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, and Tumors. Group healing with two therapists, the Three Way. Four therapists can do the more advanced and powerful Four Square, where all the energy systems of the body go into balance at the same time. Relieves intense degrees of tension, even anxiety, within minutes. Accelerates all healing processes. Two days. 10 C. E. Units for California registered nurses. $195

Crystalotherapy 5 & 6 - Advanced Healing. Prerequisite, Level 1-4.

Multiple uses of the Four Color process. Combining methods for therapeutic practice. Working alone versus working with others. Using the Mandala Charger for charging your water, essential oils, herbs, and vitamins. Learn the differences between each size and suggested benefits. Learn how to energize your treatment table and waiting room furniture. Find out how to do Remote Healing using the Wheel of Life and a crystal and a photo, and impersonal remote healing round the clock with the Mandala Charger. Combining Wheel of Life, a crystal, and Mandala Chargers for even more healing power and speed. Do remote healing with more than one person at the same time! You can even use Remote Healing on yourself for effective results. Two Days. 10 Continuing Education Units for California registered nurses. $195

Crystalotherapy 7 & 8 - Crystal Energy Grid Systems - no prerequisite.

Arrange stones in geometric patterns to create special energy fields. Activate them with your mind and open a doorway into the Universal Dimension. Learn about color and what you can do with colored stones. Use your mind to program your energy grid. Learn about Sacred Geometry and the Four Levels of Mind. Create Grids to charge your water, food, herbs, toiletries, even your clothes. Learn to grid your bed, your bath, refrigerator, furniture, treatment table, rooms, your whole house, even a shopping center. All materials included. 10 CE Units. $250.

Two advanced grid workshops are available separate from the Certification course. Each class is for two days and includes all materials. $250.

All six levels can be completed in a five day course. 10 Continuing Education Units for California registered nurses for each 2 day course and 30 units for the 5 day course. $950.

Crystalotherapy Level 9 & 10 - Emotional Healing - no prerequisite

Learn about the Physics of Emotion, how emotions work as energy, with a formula that describes emotions and behavior. Use the Magic method to eliminate all negative emotion from any memory. Change Your Past by rewriting the script of your memories. Eliminate major traumas without the client having to tell the therapist about the problem. Reconstruction changes the parts of bad memories which changes the whole memory. It is excellent for even the worst phobias. Neutralize Formless Fears, even those you can not identify. Find the Child Within and remove the fear of change and taking chances. Identify and change negative behavioral patterns. Get rid of your garbage! Two days. 10 CE Units for California nurses. $195

Crystalotherapy Level 11 & 12 - Spiritual Healing - no prerequisite.

Meditation - what it is and how and when to use it. Several different meditations take you deeper in to your mind with crystal clarity. Enter Your Crystal and meet your Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels. Talk to them directly in this special place. Increase your sensitivity by swimming in the Color Pool. Gain greater sensitivity by Painting a Rainbow. Learn how to recognize and counter emotional manipulation and domination. Learn the truth about psychic attack and how to easily defend yourself against it. Learn the Power of Prayer, how it works and when to use it. Regain your Spiritual Power and transform your life. Two days. 10 Continuing Education Units for California registered nurses. $195

Crystalotherapy Full Course - Level 1-12 - no prerequisite

Don't want to take years to complete the 12 levels? All of the above workshops, now complete in one seven day course. Each day begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. High intensity accelerated learning completes the entire six weekend Crystalotherapy healing workshops in one powerful week. Gain full knowledge and confidence you can heal anyone, anywhere, anytime, any ailment. Graduates are certified as full Professional Therapists. California registered nurses receive 30 Continuing Education Units. $1800.

Contact us at by email or call 925 862 2332.

Or mail us at PO Box 348, Sunol, CA 94586.

Ask about becoming a sponsor for any of these workshops.

Special Courses

Etheric Healing - prerequisite: Crystalotherapy, all 12 levels, or equivalent.

Increase your psychic sensitivity. Train your mind to go into all levels of body and mind, down to the cellular level. Remove negative energy blockages in the Etheric Body and the Chakras. Release tensions and reprogram the subconscious mind to heal itself. Reconnect all 12 Chakras to interact with each other in a much more powerful way. Create a very powerful healing modality by integrating Crystalotherapy methods with your ability to reach into the energy field and remove negative blocks with your hands.. Two days. 10 Continuing Education Units for California registered nurses. $250

Crystal Energy Grid Systems - no prerequisite

Six levels of training in using stones in geometric forms. The first two levels are the same as Crystalotherapy Levels 7 & 8. Learn how to arrange crystals in geometric shapes to create doorways through which Universal Energy is stepped down into three-dimensional bioenergy.

Create four-sided grids for working with the earth energies of the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Connect to the Four Kingdoms of Mineral, Plant, Animals, and Human. Integrate the powers of the Four Cardinal Directions of North, East, South, and West into your grid system.

Create six-sided grids for working with the Vibrational Law of Seven, the Star of David, and the 7 Rays. Learn how to use the power of color to choose colored stones for specific effects. Work with special color combinations for special purposes for yourself or others.

Create supergrids to power more than one desire and to amplify your energy grid beyond anything you could imagine.

Learn how to program your grid and manifest anything you want. Do you want a better job, a new relationship, money? Learn to make a grid for manifesting and how to use it. Use your grids for Remote Healing. Create effective healing changes from a distance. Use your grids to work on emotional healing and know you can make an effective change in the behavior of yourself and others. Create portable grids on your Mandala Chargers and take them anywhere you want. Make double-sided grids and learn how to use their extra power.

Work on people, animals, plants, and objects. Want your car to work better? Grid it and increase mileage and efficiency. Create a garden grid and watch the grid magic effect the growth of your plants.

Create a grid for any purpose you want and test it. What can you do with energy grids? The possibilities are limited by your imagination. All necessary materials are supplied.

Three separate weekends for $250 each or one 5 day course for $950.

Magic Wands - For Healing or Prosperity - no prerequisite

Want a little magic in your life? Create ritual wands for healing, for prosperity and manifesting. You will choose your own wand and know the difference between a dry wand and a live wand. Cleanse by smudging with sacred sage. Fill your wand with the powers of the Four Elements, the Four Directions, and the Four Kingdoms. Learn what materials to use to put these powers inside your wand for permanent energizing. Include your own special affirmations and prayers.

Attach other stones and objects of power to the outside, to help achieve the purpose of your wand, whether it be for healing or prosperity and manifesting. Work with magic letters and special symbols of power. Invoke and control mighty hidden powers of nature and spirit. Call upon the energy of the Color Rays and bring them under your command. Activate special crystal energy grids for the Sun and the Moon. Create powerful spiritual protection with the Archangel Grid.

When your wand is activated, it becomes an extension of your mind, amplified beyond your belief.

Healing Wand - Into this wand the powers of the universe are focused on healing. 7 stones are activated to work, at a distance, on 7 clients in a row. All are simultaneously drawing from the powers of your mind through the wand.

"My uncle healed in half the time after I used my Wand. I am getting calls from friends and family to send healing. I am amazed!" Jan Fletcher, RN, New York

Prosperity Wand - Use this powerful tool to enable your mind to manifest health, love, and money. Harness the powers of universal prosperity to bring to you all you desire.

"You can call it a coincidence, but my father gave me a car after I began to manifest for prosperity. I love it!" John Allen, California

Awaken the magic within you!

Each of these workshops is two days and costs $350.

Includes all necessary materials.

Both wands can be created in one 3 day course for $500.

For information on how to book a Crystal Awareness Institute workshop in your area, write us at:

PO Box 348, Sunol, CA 94586

Call us at 925 862 2332 or Email us.



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