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Daniel Phommathep



1312 S Dawson St
Seattle, WA 98108
United States


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Daniel P


UK Garage / 2-Step / Soulful House / Drum and Bass DJ & aspiring producer

Profile and Credentials        

I started out back in 2000, going to raves in my hometown of Atlanta. My interest in DJing grew with each party I attended. I was listening mostly to Trance and Progressive House in the early days. That later progressed to include Vocal House, Drum and Bass, and Breaks. I graduated from college and took a job that moved me to Seattle in the Summer of 2001. This is where the DJing began for me as I could finally afford all the equipment and records. I started out playing Vocal House. That following Summer, a good friend of mine did a study abroad program in Europe and brought back some music for me to listen to. He brought back several UK Garage & 2-Step mixed CDs. I instantly fell in love with the sound and completely changed up my style. A few months later, I hooked up with the local UKG crew in Seattle and started playing at Soiree. Soiree was the monthly UKG night held at various different clubs, including Noc Noc, EMP Liquid Lounge, and finally at Mantra Lounge. The night went on for about a year and a half before ending in the Summer of 2004. After that, I turned to Soulful House. I played Soulful House up until recently where I added on Drum and Bass as another style to play. The list of clubs that I have played at include: Noc Noc, EMP Liquid Lounge, Mantra Lounge, Aristocrats (now called Home), All American, Bada Lounge, and Mirabeau Room. I have also played in San Francisco and San Diego.

I have been on a break from playing out for the past several months as I recenly got married and am expecting a baby later this Fall.

Philosophy and Comments        

Any style can rock the dance floor, you just have to pick the right tracks to throw down.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am open to spinning any night of the week. Fees vary, depending on the event being played.





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