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259 Bobby Jones Expressway Suite 3
Martinez (Augusta, GA are, GA 30907
United States
T: 706-210-4849


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Channeled Tarot Trance, Master Teacher Consultations,Group Master Teacher Channelings, Hypnotherapy,Past Life Regressions, Circle of Peace Group Meditations,Automatic Writing,Channeled Ascensions, Group Ascensions, Dream Analysis,Drawings of your Angels, Spiritual Warrior Meetings& Workshops, Lectures, or Stress Relaxation for your Group, Organization or Company. Available world wide through telephone sessions, email, mail, and in person at the Positive Image Awareness Center address listed above.

Profile and Credentials        

Internationally Known Deep Trance Medium,similar to Edgar Cayce. I'm a Clairaudient, clairvoyant,
clairsentient Psychic. 30 yrs experience channeling The Master Teachers & Spiritual Doctors. The Master Teachers channeled through me, assist you to a higher level of Spiritual Enlightenment, as well as answering your questions dealing with your physical existence, by scanning you and your akashic records. They can assist you in clearing karmic patterns and releasing them, and changing destructive behavioral patterns.The Spiritual Doctors have agreed to come through to make adjustments in the mental, physical, emotional, astral, etheric, cellular, and molecular levels for whatever is needed. The Ascended Masters help you to be more "Christ Like", heal and share unconditional love with you. All of the adjustments and assistance given help you to move closer to your oneness with God. Your reason for being here. All sessions are taped for future reference. I teach Spiritual Development classes, Tarot Classes, and do Spiritual Warrior Meetings, channeling the assignments and guidance to the Spiritual Warriors in God's Army. Our Goal is to bring Peace within, and upon the Earth. Ordained Minister, Usui Shiki Ryoko Reiki Master, Registered Hypnotherapist. Books published, channeled with The Master Teachers, "The Year of Truth", The Year of Change", The Time of Awakening", and the The Time of Enlightenment", working on "The Time of Purification". Available for travel, lectures and interviews.

Philosophy and Comments        

My purpose is to help you attain a happier more positive state and a higher level of awareness, and enlightenment. As you search and gain the knowledge needed, you grow closer in the oneness with God. I created The Positive Image Awareness Center to assist others upon their spiritual path. It now helps others world-wide to realize their spiritual mission, remembering that we are all one.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My hours are flexible. Advance notice is needed for The Master Teacher Consultations. Call 706-210-4849 or TOLL FREE 866-908-4800 or Write for amount of energy exchange: email:
TheAwarenessCtr@aol.com, or to Positive Image Awareness Center P.O. Box 211105 Martinez, GA 30917-1105





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