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Dawn Bayer, CCHt



2306 Lake Austin Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703
United States
T: 512-322-2021
F: 478-4650


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Dawn Bayer, CCHt


Under the guidance of a trained and experienced naturopath and hypnotherapist you will make lasting changes in your body, mind, and spirit.

Profile and Credentials        

Dawn Bayer uses hypnosis to help women evolve, naturopathy to help women heal, and support to help women grow. Dawn has a background in oncology and also in midwifery and has studied hypnosis and naturopathy in addition to travelling the western medicine path. She puts her education and experience to use with hypnosis during childbirth, PMS, menopause, weight issues, general health, abuse, addictions, cancer, relationships, confidence, and creativity. She is a member of many associations that provide her with continuing education as a healthcare provider.

Philosophy and Comments        

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work hours are from 8am-8pm. Classes/group sessions are held weekly and monthly. A fair price of $60-$75 is charged for each precisely tailored individual session and $45-$65 for group work, depending on the issues and the time it takes to work on them. $25 for one day workshops.





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