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Regan Peschel



LoDo Healing Center 1440 Blake Street, Suite 330
Denver, CO 80202
United States


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Denver Reiki Healing, LLC



Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Reiki is an excellent way to 'move' unwanted negative energy out of your body. Sometimes with the fast pace of our lives today we don't realize how much negative energy we accumulate; furthermore, just how toxic that energy can be. ..ultimately contributing to imbalance and disease. Our cells respond to all energy (positive and negative) we come in contact with in our day to day lives. Our bodies then respond to this energy transfer. Reiki can be a very effective tool in keeping our mind, body, soul, and spirit balanced and clear.

Regan Peschel is a certified Reiki Master practicing in Denver Colorado. Regan's area of emphasis is helping you shift energy at the cellular level to help pave the way for profound changes in your life.

She is available for traditional reiki sessions, corporate events, or hospital visits. Please contact Denver Reiki Healing if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Profile and Credentials        


Regan Peschel is a certified Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master living and working in Denver. She believes in helping people heal themselves in a holistic way so they may continue to become their best selves. Her natural intuitive abilities help her navigate her clients' energy bodies in an effective, compassionate and loving way in order to produce powerful changes. .

Philosophy and Comments        

Sessions are performed in a private one-on-one setting where the client is fully clothed lying comfortably on a massage table. The sessions can either be touch or non-touch depending on the client's specific needs. Reiki is a totally safe healing method that wonderfully supplements anyone's traditional medical care.

Simply add Reiki any time to speed and assist in the healing process for whatever kind of ailment you may have. If that is a physical sports injury, emotional trauma, past psychological pain, or you simply want to shift energy out of your body, Reiki is a very effective healing modality. Reiki is not intended to replace your current course of medical treatment. It is, however, a wonderful supplement to any healing or growth you would like to manifest for yourself.

Intention is everything when it comes to healing. Like life itself, how much you believe or would like to achieve for yourself, the same principles apply when healing your mind, body and spirit. Quantum physics and spirituality are beginning to merge into one system.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


$65.00/HR for a Reiki Session.

Sessions are avaialbe for traditional reiki, pet reiki, and also hospital visits.

$100.00 House Blessings/Clearings


"We must be the change we wish to see in the world" --Mohandas K. Ghandi



"Regan is a most talented and intuitive healer. Her hands are gentle,yet strong, her voice kind and informed, and her wealth of body/mind wisdom is astounding, truly. The second time I saw Regan she voiced to me that my body holds a certain characteristic, that my overall being exuded this quality. This was interesting to hear because although I have known that about myself all along, I had never told her about it, and yet she was able to see it by observing where I 'physically' held tension or emotion in my body. Funny enough, weeks later my therapist told me the same thing, obviously based on what I was 'verbally' communicating to her. The body is a powerful storyteller, muscle holds memory more then we can imagine, and Regan has the strength and skill to guide us through our bodies and narrate to us our past and present, she then releases the negative energy and recharges the body and spirit with positive energy. After a session with Regan I truly feel warm and light and ready to face my struggles calmly and presently."

-Kasey Collins Denver, Colorado

"I have benefited immeasurably from Regan’s skillful weaving of Reiki, intuitive guidance, and energetic healing. In addition to increased energy, Regan’s compassionate presence has put me in touch with important life lessons allowing me to transcend limiting patterns. For years, my response to life’s stresses was a painful energetic contraction. Since our work I have been more and more able to integrate the strength, wisdom and freedom of soul energy into my daily life. I will always be grateful for her healing work and teaching."

-Harv Bishop Denver, Colorado



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