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DJ Morrison & Daniel kimbro



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Thanks to the seemingly effortless blend of southern musical genres including, but not limited to, blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass, and gospel, this duo is rapidly gaining popularity in the East Tennessee area. Audiences hail their intricate but roots-derived vocal harmonies and melodies, as well as their innovative approach to arranging the instrumental aspects of their music, which draw upon various combinations of acoustic / folk and electric instruments. These factors, when applied to the duo’s multitude of original material, combine to provide fans with a unique, entertaining, extremely energetic and heartfelt live musical experience.

The members of Southbend have performed with one another for close to a decade in various live, radio, and television events, evidence of which may be found at any one of their energetic, personal, and professional live shows.

DJ Morrison        

DJ Morrison

The infallible originality found within the music of Southbend is no better exemplified than in the songwriting talents unique to DJ Morrison. Listeners praise the clever, understated lyricism found within his compositions. As the primary guitarist, vocalist, and song-writer for Southbend, DJ overwhelmingly succeeds in providing the topmost layers of Southbend’s unique sound-scape. DJ has performed with many local artists in a variety of instrumental settings. Of note are his bluegrass performances with the Mountain Soul bluegrass band (www.mountainsoul.net) on Mandolin, Dobro / Resonator Guitar and most recently, Banjo. Recognizable in his playing are the influences of great guitarist like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson, Django Reinhardt, and Tony Rice, along with more contemporary, rhythmic based styles comparable to artists like Jason Mraz and Sean Watkins. DJ’s personal style, however, remains difficult to label.
DJ’s vocal talent is undeniable. His effortless blend of the emotive forces behind the blues and a profound respect for melody found within bluegrass and folk genres combine to form a style whose embellishments become as integral a part of the story-telling as are the lyrics themselves.
DJ has performed, recorded, and produced many local musical acts and musicians and continues to turn heads with his innovative, yet rustic application of numerous musical styles.
DJ currently lives in Strawberry Plains, TN with his wife Sara.

Daniel Kimbro        

Daniel Kimbro

Daniel Kimbro provides a musical anchor for Southbend with his Upright Bass skills, Guitar accompaniment, harmony vocals, and a discerning ear with which to consider, compose, and arrange musical material both new and old. While he depends upon his formal training as a basis for technique, his main musical influences are derived from various southern/roots music genres. His experience in the realm of Bluegrass/folk music is considerable, as is his talent for finding the hint of "Appalachia" within the music that he performs.
A student of String Bass Performance and Studio Music and Jazz under the instruction of Rusty Holloway at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Daniel hones his bass talents within many ensembles across the campus. His involvement at the university sent him touring throughout most of the U.S. as well the Scandinavian countries of Europe.
As a founding member of the bluegrass group Mountain Soul ( www.mountainsoul.net ), Daniel’s instrumental abilities were exploited to the fullest as he served as lead guitarist, bassist, and interim banjo player.
Daniel lives in downtown Knoxville, TN.

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