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Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine Institute offers a curriculum and platform that gives the transformative wisdom of feminine energy a way to express itself through the hearts, minds, and bodies of individuals. We share the wisdom and teach the skills to cultivate this life force within. Our profound and lighthearted classes enhance enjoyment of life and help cultivate our essential core love. Our multifaceted approach facilitates people’s recognition, development, and expression of their talents in the world. We provide healing for emotional and physical imprints that limit pleasure and confidence in our sensual and sexual relating. We integrate Eros, the highest expression of sexual love, with Logos, the divine reason that orders the cosmos. We encourage people to nourish the life force within and honor all relationship as sacred.

Profile and Credentials        

Caroline Muir continues a limited schedule of co-facilitating the popular TANTRA, THE ART OF CONSCIOUS LOVING seminars with Charles Muir. Together Charles and Caroline wrote the book, now in 12 languages, TANTRA, THE ART OF CONSCIOUS LOVING, and produced the DVD “SECRETS OF FEMALE SEXUAL ECSTACY”. Soon to be released, Caroline's personal memoirs. Her book is tenatively titled: Cosmic Queen, An Erotic Memoir. Articles about her work with Tantra have been featured in the following publications: Wall Street Journal, Elle, Glamour, Yoga Journal, Esquire, Playgirl, Mirabella, L.A. Magazine, and others. Thousands of students have come into their seminars, and have returned many times for more of their humor and knowledge. Their 30 years of friendship continues to be the foundation of their relationship, which included 14 years of marriage. This loving friendship is also an inspiration to others who change the form of their relationships, and choose to keep the love and let go of what no longer serves them. As a woman, goddess and guide for thousands of men and women, Caroline continues to help people awaken to the truth, and to dispel the myths around sexuality and love. She is currently devoting this phase of her life to educating people as to the content and extent of the feminine. She lives in San Anselmo, California with her sweetheart and partner, Will Bach. She also maintains her residence in Maui, Hawaii.

Philosophy and Comments        

The mission of Divine Feminine is to awaken the erotic soul, to realize the balance of masculine and feminine wisdom in our lives through experiential education, sexual healing, and energy practice. The Divine Feminine (Eros) in sublime harmony with the Divine Masculine (Logos) offers us a joyful means to awaken the power inherent in our sexual nature. As this dynamic balance emerges, we feel more connected to the cycles of the earth, to our true emotions, and to the power and sacredness of our sexuality. When we awaken the erotic soul, we experience greater aliveness, natural pleasure, and a deeper dimension of love in our relationships. We access a refined quality of energy so real and tangible that every part of our life is enriched. The Divine Feminine Institute gives healers, teachers, and individuals exploring their conscious evolution a living template for awakening this awareness in themselves, their partners, and their clients. The sacred teachings of Tantra, Tao, and Spiritual Psychology are woven together into a complete curriculum that provides powerful support for illuminated understanding. The purpose of our certification program is to raise the standard of spiritual sexual education as well as to ensure that certification is a standard of professionalism. With loving intention and specific knowledge, we can restore our sense of sexual and emotional innocence. From this place of safety and honor, we can open and welcome each other into the simplicity and truth of our Natural Presence.

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