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Jeanne Porter Ashley



PO Box 5705
Concord, NC 28027
United States
T: 704-795-1485
F: 795-0807


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Silver Bridges, LLC - Your bridge to better living


Expert real estate services! NC & SC Broker, Feng Shui, SET THE STAGE -- Home Staging, Water-witching, Map Dowsing, metaphysical, spiritual, intuitive, modern, diverse, unique, top-of-the-line, traditional, experienced, results, knowledgeable, committed, trained in NC Appraisal and International certification for assisting in world-wide property location. Guaranteed expertise and commitment to customer service.

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Alternative therapies practiced and taught for 30+ years. Intuitive applications for home, health and harmony. Human and animal Reiki and animal communication available.

Divining with dowsing: water witching, bio-location, map dowsing. Classes and workshops held across the USA. Students in all countries.




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