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Sheri Bardo



350 Kelley Road
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
United States
T: 406-892-1125
F: 406-892-1125


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Authentically You Retreats


Authentically You Retreats and life Coaching: Surrounded by the Tranquility of Montana’s mountain forests, experience healing of body, mind and spirit. Utilizing Life Coaching, Reiki, Energy Balancing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Massage, Art, and the power of nature to teach and show you your path, these retreats are powerful and life changing. You leave knowing yourself, knowing your life purpose and having a clear vision for what you were meant to do.

Profile and Credentials        

Background in Business, sales, public relations, teaching, public speaking, Working with teens in crisis, Spiritual Counseling, and Certified Life Coaching. Have back ground in energy medicine, herbs, and Reiki

Philosophy and Comments        

We are here to remember who we really are and to heal our lives and bodies. to become fearless, joyfull, abundant. and in perfect health. My passion is to help individuals find their uniques path and truth which is already within them. and to help awaken them from the dream that life is hard. Life was meant to be easy, abundant and joyful.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

For Individual Tele-caoching I am available Mon-Fri 8-5 MST. Retreat Schedule is posted on web site as are Costs and fees.





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