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Allan Hardman



1055 West College Ave, #197
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
United States
T: (707) 528-1271
F: (707) 527-7623


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Allan Hardman is a spiritual teacher who apprenticed in the Toltec tradition with Miguel Ruiz, author "The Four Agreements" for 10 years. He developed Joydancer.com, a business and web site dedicated to opening the hearts and minds of people everywhere to the experience of inner peace and joy through self-healing. Allan also created "TACO," the Toltec Apprentice Community Online. TACO members participate from all over the world, learning and sharing the Toltec path.

Profile and Credentials        

Allan has an extensive background in spiritual counseling and emotional healing and has worked with people of all ages to heal their relationships with others and with themselves. Allan is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and enjoyed a successful hypnotherapy practice in Santa Rosa, CA prior to his involvement with the Toltec community. He is a talented and engaging speaker who uses his ability to explain spiritual concepts in a way that touches the listeners' hearts, and accelerates the transformation of their lives.

Allan's awareness of the hidden factors that cause people to suffer addictions has led him to counsel people with addictions of all kinds. He is regularly invited to speak at "The Recovery Ranch," a substance abuse recovery facility in Tennessee. He has successfully worked with many clients and apprentices to resolve and heal the wounds from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Allan teaches and counsels on relationship issues and is currently writing "The New Relationship - Five Agreements to Make Love Come True". He holds a yearly Valentines workshop for couples and singles near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and teaches how to enjoy conscious relationships.

Allan is co-author of "The Heart of Healing," an anthology of healing wisdom. In his role as a Toltec Mentor, he guides "Joydancer Journeys of the Spirit" to sacred places of power in Peru and Mexico.

Philosophy and Comments        

The heart of Toltec philosophy teaches us that we are dreaming all the time - that what we see and know when we look out with our eyes and our senses, is a dream. Your Personal Dream is a description of every belief, every fear, every assumption and strategy and need and longing, of everything you know. When you say you love or hate something, you are describing your dream. Whenever you argue with someone, whenever you think someone is wrong, it is because your dream is in conflict with theirs. You believe your dream is right. This is the way everyone in the world dreams.

The goal of Allan Hardman and Joydancer.com is to serve and assist as many people as possible in obtaining personal freedom from the opinions and limiting beliefs that govern and shape their lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Contact the Joydancer Office from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Sign up for Allan's Free "Joydancer (Not-So-Daily) Thought for the Day" on Joydancer.com. Allan is available for Long-Distance Apprenticeships and consultations in person or by telephone. Also offered are teleconferences with Allan, and a monthly weekend intensive in the Santa Rosa area. Visit the Joydancer Store online at http://store.joydancer.com and shop for Toltec books and music, medicine bags, altar items, jewelry and special collector's items chosen by Allan on his journeys to Peru and Mexico.





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