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Donna Joyce



Potomac, Md 20854
United States
T: 1-877-543-2546




Lift Your Spirit- Transformational Healing


Angel Light offers you the most advanced and ancient transformational methods to help connect you to your heart center and divine energies. Clear the source of physical, emotional and relationship issues and see your life take off to new levels of growth!

Angel Workshops bring in the power of the angels in your life! Transformational Healing works with divine consciousness to clear the karmic cause of issues in your life bringing you to the highest levels of joy and clarity. See how your life shifts after one session!

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone and at a distance.

Client comments:

Profile and Credentials        

Donna Joyce is an International Healer and Teacher. She has taught in healing centers around the world. She takes part in spiritual journeys to assist with planetary healing as well as speding time in India refining her healing ability. Donna is a practitioner of VortexHealing,Theta-Healing and Angelic Healing and as an Angel Workshop Facilitator.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that each person has a divine gift and when connected to their 'I AM' presence can manifest a perfect life. My work is in connecting people to their heart centers and their own divinity.

I have traveled the world many times over and people really are starting to shift and realize that they really do own the power when they connect to their heart

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions are typically 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours or more for a 'Transformational Healing and Reading' In the session I call in the 'Divine Team' of Angels, Saints, Divine source energies, and work with your higher self and guides and angels. The source of all the issues are looked at and cleared on all levels including your highest soul level where many of the issues originate. The personal investment is $85/hour or $120/ for an hour and a half or longer. The angelic team typically keep working on you long after the session is over, usually for a week or longer.





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