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Downeast School of Massage


The Downeast School of Massage trains individuals in the art and science of therapeutic massage for an entry-level professional career, for personal growth, or for continuing education. The school is the oldest school in Maine and is COMTA accredited, state licensed, and VA approved.

DSM is the oldest massage therapist owned and operated, COMTA accredited massage program in the State of Maine. COMTA, the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation, is approved by the federal Department of Education and is the only accrediting commission in our industry that has been given this distinction. Other accrediting agencies that are Department of Ed approved exist, but they have not been founded by our industry, do not carry the same required standards, and do not have the same investment in our profession as COMTA does. COMTA is one of three accrediting commissions devoted to complementary medicine; the other two represent chiropractic and acupuncture.

Profile and Credentials        

The Downeast School of Massage was established in 1981 for the purpose of training individuals in the health professional career field of Massage Therapy. DSM began with the founder-director, Nancy Dail, and four determined students. As the years passed, the school has grown with its graduates and the profession. Although the program began with a strong core curriculum of Swedish Massage and related courses, additional courses and program shifts gradually developed, as the vision of the profession became reality. DSM became committed to giving students a quality personal education that included more choice in diverse selections of Shiatsu, Sports Massage, or Body/Mind Courses. The class of 1993 was the first to graduate from the new facility. Built with growth in mind, the passive solar building offers a spacious learning environment, as well as a library, the DSM Store, student lounge, spa, and sauna. Students are able to stroll around the campus trails during breaks and off-hours, seasonally utilizing sneakers or skis. They even enjoy skating on the 30-acre pond.

January 1994 launched a new program start: students are now able to start in either September or January. The September program has the widest variety of schedules, including part-time. The January program allows us to run through the summer months and comprises mostly day classes. Excluding guest speakers, currently there are 22 instructors who teach a wide variety of courses and schedules to over 50 students. September 2004 ushered in the 37th class who began their journey toward mastering the art and science of Massage Therapy.

In 1995, our program received accreditation from COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation). The status of COMTA accreditation assures the student that the school carries a quality program; one that has been tested, inspected, and found credible. Our graduates are enabled to become licensed in the state of Maine without further testing. For those who seek National Certification, continuing education at DSM has been approved by the National Certification Board for recertifying purposes.

Philosophy and Comments        

Students of all ages and from diverse backgrounds are attracted to massage therapy. Nurses, carpenters, dental hygienists, dancers, teachers, engineers, computer operators, and artists are just a few who have chosen massage therapy as a new career. High school graduates are entering DSM fresh out of school, or are using the career as a stepping stone to an allied field. DSM is looking for students who have several ideas in common: a sincere desire to help others, an avid interest in preventive care, and a commitment to education and professionalism. DSM will give these students the environment to nourish these ideals into reality.

The prospective student may be assured that this catalog meets COMTA standards and requirements, so that he or she will get as much information as possible from this publication. Knowing that, take a careful journey through this catalog, examine the qualifications of our experienced faculty, read about our diverse course offerings, and write down all your questions for our dedicated staff. Contact our admissions department and attend one of our frequent open houses to see how DSM can play a part in your education. We invite you to investigate this exciting health professional career at DSM and learn that the signature of your art is touch. Make DSM the right massage school choice for you.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Schedule over 10 Months for January 2006

The January classes begin January 3, 2006 and end November 7, 2006.

Mon. 10 am - 1 pm 3 hrs.

2 - 5 pm 3 hrs.

Tues. 10 am - 1 pm 3 hrs.

2 - 5 pm 3 hrs.

12 hrs total

The schedules described above are the basic schedules for each class. Please note that additional in-class hours are scheduled at other times.

1. These include over 100 hours of core curriculum hours. For example, clinic which takes place in spring and summer on many Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9am - 5pm. Each student signs up for 28 hours of available clinic time that suits his/her schedule. Other miscellaneous courses take place on weekends and (additional) evenings. These are included on the schedule that each student receives prior to the start of school.

2. Areas of Concentration. Each student selects a concentration. Classes for areas of concentration are held at times other than those described above. Each student attends only those classes that apply to his/her particular program (uncless he/she chooses to take another concentration as an elective).

Program I (Sports): Students attend three weekends in spring (36 hours) and must participate in 12 hours of supervised event sports massage.

Program II (Shiatsu): Classes are held on Thursdays from January through July from 9am-4pm (with a one-hour break for lunch) for a total of 25 weeks (150 hours).

Program III (Body/Mind): Classes are held on three Monday or Tuesday evenings (10 hours) and two weekends (32 hours) in late spring.

School Calendar

The flexibility in schedules helps students to address traveling distances and integrate work commitments with their education. The Director of Admissions discusses each student's schedule in detail with him or her during an interview prior to acceptance at DSM. The calendar, requirements for graduation, and DSM policies are also discussed on the first day of school.

The DSM Store        

The DSM Store is dedicated to providing quality therapeutic supplies and alternative products for the enhancement of professional growth and personal holistic health. Come in and see our new products along with all our regularly stocked items. Special orders & mail order are available. Shipping charges are $6.00 for orders up to $50.00 and $10.00 for orders over $50.01.

We offer:

Books for professional reference, alternative health, and other miscellaneous texts

Lotions, oils, crèmes, Aroma Vera essential oils, and equipment

Charts, skeletons, models, videos, flash cards, study aids, and some medical supplies

Music, cards, bumper stickers, jewelry, clothing, and self-care items

Homeopathic medicines, and DSM logo products and clothing

Hydrotherapy supplies, spa equipment, and exercise balls

Linens, table fleeces and warmers, other hot/cold applications

Massage tables, chairs, and equipment

We are authorized dealers for Oakworks, Custom Craftworks, Pisces Productions, Blue Ridge Table Company, and Yoga Mats. Special or discounted table packages are available. Call for more details or table catalogs.

Store hours: Monday 10 am - 7 pm, Wednesday 11 am - 6 pm, Thursday 9 am - 5 pm.

Mailing address: DSM Store, 99 Moose Meadow Lane, PO Box 24, Waldoboro, ME 04572

Telephone: 207-832-5531 Fax: 207-832-0504

On the Web, available 24/7 at www.dsmstore.net.

E-mail: dsmstore@dsmstore.net or orders@dsmstore.net.




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