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Seth Goldstein, DC



17030 East Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97233-4230
United States
T: 503-262-8895
F: 503-256-2962


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Dragonheart Family Healthcare


Dragonheart family healthcare offers low force chiropractic care, massage and health education services to families and individuals. Located in Gresham, Oregon on the Hillsboro-Gresham Max line. We focus on wholistic care of the individual. Our office is child friendly and chemically sensitive safe. Evidence-based-medicine, manual medicine and Myofascial pain and dysfunction assessment and treatment are practiced. We are a pet friendly office and offer pet therapy in addition to our other services. First visit typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours; visits after that typically are 0.5 to 1 hour.

Profile and Credentials        

About Dr. Goldstein, Chiropractic Physician & Labor Doula: •Graduate of the University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College, 2001 •Studied under Dr. Muhs, neurologist and clinical nutritionist, at U.B.C.C., 2000-2001 •Graduate of the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, 1994 •Graduate of Fordham University, BA in Classical and Medieval Philosophy and Theology, 1980 •Reiki Master. Practicing Reiki since 1987 •Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) #7372 in NYS from 1994 to 2001 •Fertility Awareness Method trainer since 1998 •Oregon Chiropractor license # 3315, since 2001 •Childbirth Education trained by the I.C.E.A., 1999 •Labor Doula trained by Birthingway College of Midwifery, 2001 •Chess instructor at the Renalds Middle School, 2005 •Public Speaking, Toastmasters Area 61, District 7, 2nd Place Winner 2002 Table Topics Contest “You are the gentlest man I have ever met.” S.L. “I’ve been to nine doctors, and you gave me the most relief.” Mishell D. “You’re the best doc I’ve ever been to” Angela J. My calling is to serve people’s healthcare needs. I believe in spending time with my patients, and that one’s spirit is the driving force behind one’s health. Seth Goldstein, DC, Labor Doula

Philosophy and Comments        

I am a low force chiropractic physician with a naturopathic philosophy. I believe in treating the whole person. I have utilized my chiropractic, massage and neurology training in a mixture that focuses on treating the patient's muscles first, making sure that the joints move properly second, and supporting the patient's goals throughout their experience. I love people; I almost became a Jesuit priest, and then I found my calling in healthcare; that is why I became a doctor to serve the peoples' healthcare needs.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

by appointment Monday through Friday. Typically: Monday 7AM to 12 Noon; Tuesday 9AM to 5PM; Wednesday 2PM to 7PM; Thursday 1PM to 7PM; and Friday 10AM to 4PM. Most Insurance Taken. Chamber of Commerce Members get a 30% discount. Cash Paying Patients: Initial visit $180.00; Office Visits $85.00 Massage: $80.00/hour Massage Gift Certs: 6 hour package $50.00/hour; a 37.5% savings 12 hour package $45.00/hour; a 43.75% savings

Computer Shoulders        

70% of the population is on a computer for a significant time each day. The repetitive stresses cause neck and shoulder pain most frequently called "computer shoulders". We successfully treat this condition in 2-7 visits. This condition can be treated so fast becaues we do 20% of the work and guess who does the exercise (the 80%).

Mouse Arm        

70% of the population is on a computer for a significant time each day. The mouse use causes certain muscles in the hand and arm to hurt in a charistic manner often called "mouse arm". We successfully treat this condition in 2-7 visits. This condition can be treated so fast becaues we do 20% of the work and guess who does the exercise (the 80%).

Stroke, i.e. Cerebrovascular Accidents        

One of the beauties of chiropractic neurology is the ability to help people with strokes to reach their best possable capasity after a stroke, once their life signs are stable. For example: the first patient I worked with after 3.5 years of physical therapy three times per week walked 150 feet in 20 minutes. The HMO gave me 12 visits. After 12 visits the patient now walkes 150 feet in 5 minutes. For example: a patient was refered to me Feb. 2004; stroke date was 1996, she had continual back pain since that time which stoped after the first treatment; she could not carry any object to her desk, had trouble walking up the steps to work and had to hold on to the railing with both hands, had no energy and lots of pain 8/10 with 0 = none, 10 = really really bad. After 32 treatments, about once per week to once per two weeks, she has a pain level of 1-3/10, walkes up the stairs without holding on to the railing, can carry 25 lbs to her desk, has much more energy and lives an almost normal life now. For more stories ask me. 503-262-8895. I can often help a great deal.

Doula Work        

A Labor Doula helps give mom emotional support through out her labor and delivery. I have helped keep dad from running away at a birth; helping him to be present at the birth so mom remembers him which strengthens their marrage. A doula is childbirth educated and can do on the spot childbirth training when needed. A Doula is a birth companion. He or she helps by:
•Providing physical and emotional support to mothers and partners in the birth process
•Teaching mothers pain-coping techniques
•Performing pain-relief modalities like massage, guided breathing, centering activities, etc.
•Communicating the mother’s wishes to the medical staff
•Being a loving, reliable presence who stays with the mother and her supporters throughout labor.

Studies have shown that the presence of a Labor Doula can:
•Shorten the duration of labor for the first-time mothers by as much as 25%
•Reduce the use of drugs to induce labor by 50%
•Reduce the incidence of mothers asking for epidural anesthesia to ease labor pain by 50%
•Reduce the need for forceps in delivering the baby by 40%
(Source: Marshall Klaus, et al., Mothering the Mother)
The constant, supportive presence of a knowledgeable helper can make a difference!
If you choose Dr. Goldstein as your Labor Doula, you can also obtain the benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy:
•Decreased labor time (as much as 25% for a first-time mother, 33% for subsequent births.)
•Relief of leg pain, rib pain, and tension headaches that may occur during pregnancy.
•Childbirth education, including advice on exercise and nutrition during pregnancy.
•Low Force Chiropractic care of the newborn, to relieve physical trauma of birth, increase immune system functioning, and improve breastfeeding outcomes.
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