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Dr. David Fialkoff



PO Box 78
Westmore,, VT 05833
United States
T: 860-233-8661


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Bald Mountain Retreat


We are an idyllic, four-season retreat in Vermont's Lake Willoughby National Recreation Area, dedicated to peace, justice and ecology.
It's a short hike up Bald Mountain to enjoy the spectacular views from its firetower, even shorter to our magnificent cliff.
We feature naturopathic wellness and kabbalah healing.
There are a multitude of recreational and cultural experiences to be had.
Come to where Vermonters go when they want to get away.

Profile and Credentials        

Bald Mountain Retreat is the ideal place to rebalance body, mind and soul.
Seclusion in our idyllic environment provides clarity and focus.
Immersion in nature recalibrates our DNA.
The vistas bring vision.
The quiet calms.

We are off-road and off-grid.
Our rustic, country comfort helps to reveal the essentials of life,
bringing us back to basics.
Our pure mountain spring water quenches your many thirsts.

Come get close to the planet we are trying to save.
Heal yourself along with the Earth.

Philosophy and Comments        

We are a rustic retreat in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, what people up here call a "camp". Whatever small comforts of home are missing (TV, carpets, unlimited electricity...)are more than compensated for by the immediacy of nature. Ours is an authentic country charm, comfort without frills. If you want chocolates on your pillow you have to put them there yourself.

Our world-class nature offers something for everyone; whether it's admiring the truly awesome views out the window, strolling though our pasture, hiking our friendly woods and ridge or climbing nearby Bald Mountain.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Fees by arrangement


Activities include hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, golf, horseback riding, herbal wildcrafting, fishing, scuba diving, ropes course, rock climbing, gardening, saunas, yoga, camping, exploring the back roads, sleigh-rides, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, ice climbing, sledding, ice fishing, musical and artistic events, weightloss program, workshops in natural living, dance, drumming and kabbalah, and much, much more.


Bald Mountain Retreat provides secluded country lodging in the most spectacular corner of Vermont.
Our mountaintop lodge combines the amenities of a rustic inn, a charming bed and breakfast, a health resort and a wilderness camp.
Individual cabin and entire facility rental, including workshop space, are available.
Let us provide the accommodations for your Vermont vacation, business, corporate, educational or family retreat.


Dr. David Fialkoff, N.D. (retired) practiced naturopathic medicine in urban and suburban settings for almost twenty years. In addition to his naturopathic doctorate he has a B.S. in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

(Naturopathic medical education is a four-year, post-graduate program very similar to standard medical school except that it teaches the use of therapies which stimulate and strengthen the body's own detoxification and healing abilities. These therapies include, nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, live food therapy, manipulation, massage and more.)

Dr. Fialkoff was licensed by the State of Connecticut as a Naturopathic Doctor in 1983 and in the fall of that year opened Natural Medical Service, a general, private practice in West Hartford, Connecticut. Dr. Fialkoff helped pioneer the spread of natural therapeutics in the northeast. He has worked extensively with HIV/AIDS patients. He has also worked extensively with elderly immigrant and inner city populations.

Disenchanted with office-based medicine, Dr David established Bald Mountain Retreat as a place where people could be immersed in natural lifestyle and organic therapy. "Nature is the way of the future. People need to get away from it all to rebalance. Great things can happen, insights and resolutions, in an hour-long office visit, but miracles take place in a week at Bald Mountain Retreat."

Dr. Dave took an interest in health and spirituality from his youth, becoming a vegetarian and studying eastern spirituality, in particular yoga and Zen from his early teens. Seeking truth, he combined his spiritual practices with a study of the natural sciences, eventually enrolling in naturopathic medical school.

Dr. Dave has been a student of Kabbalah/Jewish mysticism for twenty years. Kabbalah teaches that the human body and being is a reflection of universal patterns underlying and permeating the world.

Synthesizing eastern and western spirituality with naturopathic philosophy, Dr. Dave demonstrates that health is achieved through aligning our beings with the universal, natural order. "Health is the easy way. There's nothing more natural or fulfilling. It is like coming home. Your body, mind and spirit say, 'Thank you.'"

Dr. David has authored four books (see Writings ), The Repertory of the Mind , The Mystical Affirmations of Israel, The Poetry of Disease: Dancing with the Darkness and a children's book Sally Sue Simpson as well as numerous poems. He is currently at work on two books, Ways to Save Your Life and Kabbalah Healing

Dr. Fialkoff is an entertaining, articulate speaker and guide. He takes great delight in exposing the simple solutions which underlie complex problems, empowering people through understanding and practice to live healthier, happier lives.


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