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Dr. Annalee Kitay



West Orange, Princeton, NJ United States
T: 1888-456-0065




Dr. Annalee Kitay


Have you been everywhere looking for relief from:




Multiple Sclerosis
Neurological Disoders

Learning Disabilities


....or unexplained symptoms?

The protocol that Dr. Kitay uses is called Neural Organization Technique. It is a hands on, non-invasive technique that corrects faults in the body which cause disorganization within the nervous system.
Specializing in Chronic and Unusual Conditions.

Profile and Credentials        

DR. ANNALEE KITAY, a doctor of chiropractic, formerly in practice at the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine in New York, and an associate of Dr. Carl A. Ferreri, has offices in West Orange, New Jersey and Boca Raton, Florida. She sees patients by appointment and can be reached by calling toll free: 1-888-456-0065.

Philosophy and Comments        

Dr. Kitay believes that we all have an inherent ability to be healthy. She sees her role as a facilitator to help attain, regain, or maintain a healthy state of being. A person is more that their individual parts. Every system, organ and limb is interdependent on each other. Identifying the origins and the dynamics of an imbalance among these parts and the consequences thereof are important in understanding the resulting symptoms. By creating balance at the core level, symptoms can disappear and a state of well being is restored.

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