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Dr. Linda Kingsbury Self Healing Foundation

Linda Kingsbury


106 East Third St. #3A
Moscow, ID 83843
United States

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Personal and Planetary Transformation through Psychic Self Care and Herbal Medicine

Classes - Consultations - Products

Psychic Self Care:

Educational Cd's and Workbooks - Telephone consultations - Aura & Chakra Healings and Readings - Conscious Energy Breathing - Spirit Guide Connections - House Clearing & Blessings

Herbal Medicine:

Custom herbal teas, tinctures, flower essences, essential oils - Medicine Bundles - Chakra Elixirs - Medicine making Classes - Herb Walks

Profile and Credentials        

I am an Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist with more than 25 years experience guiding clients with herbs and whole foods for stress management, women�s health, and family wellness, including pets.

Ayurvedic, Chinese, European, and American herbalism are blended to help you build your health naturally. Herbal Nutrition consultations with non-invasive differential diagnosis techniques including applied kinesiology muscle testing, tongue, and pulse diagnosis can clarify a holistic approach to the herbs, supplements, and foods that can best support you to regain and maintain optimal wellness. Learn how to use herbs and nutrition to detoxify, maintain your health, and for preventative medicine.

PhD Holistic Nutrition

Professional Herbalist

Certified Aromatherapist

Clairvoyant Consultant

Ordained Minister

Philosophy and Comments        

My work is designed to activate the joy and playfulness of living on the earth as a spiritual being in a human experience.

Teaching us to live in a way of balance and respect for all creation.

Feeling thankful for the gifts of the air for inspiration, the fire for right action, the water for emotional balance, and the earth for all the healing people, places, plants, animals, and stones that support us on our journey.

The blessings already are.

The picture on the left is of Sasha my Siberian Husky and I looking through a hole amongst the uprooted base of an ancient tree in North Idaho.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday - Friday 11:00 pm -7:00 pm PST

The fees depend upon how much time we spend together:

1/2 hour - $45.00

1 hour - $85.00

1.5 hours - $125.00

visa and mastercard accepted

Personal Consultations, Readings, and Healings in my office in Moscow Idaho, where I travel(check my travel schedule), and long distance over the phone.

Spirit Herbs        

Herbs for Body and Soul

Specializing in the psycho-spiritual properties of herbs.

Award Winning "Herbs for Spiritual Awareness Kit"

Organic Flower Teas

Chakra Elixirs

Herbs for Conscious creation

Edible Wild Weed Walks in person and on CD


Temple of Light Energy Healing School        

Ongoing classes in Moscow Idaho and the Northwest

Clairvoyant Meditation, Chakra Awareness, Psychic Readings and Healings, Aura and Chakra Balancing, Relationship Readings, Past Life Integration, Soul Retrieval, Rebirthing, Spirit Guide Connections, Totem Animals, Shamanic Art and Drumming, Akashic Records, Polarity Balancing, House Clearing & Blessing

Clairvoyant Consultant Certification and Ministry Ordination Programs

Educational Cd's and Workbooks



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