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Michelle Levan



4419 lennox
sherman oaks, CA 91423
United States
T: (818) 995-1017


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Dr.Michelle N. Levan


Physical symptoms are your bodys way of calling attention to the disturbance of your vital force i.e., your mental, physical and emotional energy. I look for the root cause not just treating symptoms thus suppressing the problem. causes could be inherited patterns, drug suppression, surgical intervention and or emotional causation. Your belief structures become energy patterns locked in your subconscious. Healing involves the patient to take an active role in determine the why. Medical astrology profiles the mental and emotional and physical engergy patterns of the emerging soul at time of birth. The client can then get a visual of his life force. individual healing programs are then suggested.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been in practice for 28 years. I teach and lecture to practioners and lay people. I have a doctorate in homeopathy, doctorate in nutrition and masters in clinical pathology. Astrology started me on the road to holistic healing as I discovered each sign had a different pathology. The search for a healing discipline took me to homeopathy as it treats the mental, emotional and physical energies. The consultation involves the patient in the healing process.Being responsible for your healing process is the first step to being healed.

Philosophy and Comments        

It is important to treat the whole person, health is a dynamic state of equilibrium. Suppression of symptoms, even using natural substances, does not cure the problem it will return. Headaches, skin rashes, bleeding etc mean something,as pain is how the body tells us of a problem. Your diet is very important, you are what you eat.No matter what you treat the symptom with, the diet must be changed if health is to be maintained. Doctors are quick to do surgery, but the offending part is removed, other areas can then have problems. also surgery leaves scar tissure and energy gets stopped at these sites. always ask what is the cause of problem, mental physical or emotional.I use Homeopathy as it treats the whole person, mental, emotional and physical

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

initial consultation $250 adults 150 children under 12 follow up 100 phone consults acute 50





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