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Malou Dusyn



St. Francis Care at Avon, 35 Nod Road, Suite. 106
Avon, CT 06001
United States
T: 860-409-1501
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Complementary HealthCare Institute, LLC


The practitioners at Complementary HealthCare Institute, LLC (CHI) have been committed to providing the community with the finest integrative medical care, including pain- and stress-reduction, weight management, pre- and post-surgical programs, smoking cessation, energy medicine, Feng Shui, meditation, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage. CHI’s integrative medicine programs rejuvenate the body and increase one’s energy level, and strengthen vital life force and the immune system.

Profile and Credentials        

Founding Directors: Malou G. Dusyn and Denise Wolf
Malou G. Dusyn has 18 years of private practice as a psycho-spiritual counselor, life coach, and energy medicine. She has been a student of Tibetan, Indian, and Chinese traditions for several years. She studied Buddhist philosophy and science of the mind with great masters from Tibet for 23 years. Her work is a synthesis of Eastern, Western and contemporary approaches to personal and spiritual growth. For six years, she worked with Choa Kok Sui, founder of the Institute for Inner Science, Inc. and author of Miracles through Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Pranic Psychotherapy. She is currently Co-Director of Hartford KTC Meditation and Study Center. Malou is also a consultant in feng shui, a Chinese philosophy developed over 5,000 years ago of how to transform your home or business environment to create harmony with nature and in your own life.

Denise Wolf, RN, MSN, HNC, C.H., has more than twenty years of clinical, supervisory, consulting and instructional experience in many areas of nursing, complementary therapies and education. She earned a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science Degree in Nursing Education from the University of Hartford; and is nationally certified in both Holistic Nursing from the American Holistic Nurses' Association and in hypnotherapy from the National Guild of Hypnotists. She holds certificates in energy therapies, including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Spiritual Healing. She provides workshops and seminars for health professionals, the community and corporations on transforming stressful situations and work environments and is certified as an emotional intelligence consultant. Denise has a private practice utilizing a holistic approach to assist individuals with stress and pain-related illnesses apply their own inner resources to attain wellness of mind, body, and spirit using a variety of modalities to live more consciously.

Philosophy and Comments        

CHI’s goal is to promote, nurture, and maintain good health. We provide both wellness care for health-conscious individuals to help prevent sickness, and integrative healthcare for individuals suffering from many illnesses, including stress and pain-related illnesses. Our philosophy, Mindful LivingTM , means living moment to moment with present awareness of our mind, thought patterns, and reactive behaviors.

CHI specializes in providing whole-being care for their clients—not only those with pain- or stress-related ailments, but to anyone wishing to nurture and maintain balanced overall health. With each patient, CHI’s goal is to treat the whole person, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our health practitioners assist individuals in promoting long, healthy, balanced, and active lifestyles. Each client receives a personalized evaluation, and our dedicated and caring practitioners collaborate to create a tailor-made treatment plan for each individual. This advanced holistic approach incorporates spirituality, healing, energy medicine, movement, bodywork, hypnotherapy, and acupuncture to promote optimal health and well-being.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Acupuncture and Tai Chi        

Stan Baker studied Acupuncture at the Kototama Institute and graduated in 1983. After starting his Acupuncture practice in New Mexico, in 1985 he opened practices in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Over the past two decades he has been researching and continuing his education in various styles of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

Presently he uses in his practice the major modalities of Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Dietetics, Chinese Massage and body work, and Chi cultivation methods.

He is also a teacher of Chen style Tai Chi, Aikido (black belt) and Sun Do Taoist Yoga.

Massage Therapist        

Claire Meucci, RN, LMT, has devoted her career to the promotion of health and well being of women and infants for over 17 years. She has recently expanded her practice to encompass the health needs of all who can benefit from the "gift of massage" ~ from infants to the elderly ~ men and women in varying degrees of health and in all stages of life.
Claire received her formal massage therapy training from the nationally accredited Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and is nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as well as a certified Infant Massage Instructor. She is licensed as a Massage Therapist in the state of Connecticut and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Claire is also a Registered Nurse, with an associate's degree in Nursing from Capital Community Technical College, and currently practices in the Delivery Room, Maternity, and High Risk Pregnancy Units at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center. She received a bachelor's degree in Social Services from the University of Connecticut and is experienced with teens and adults in need of counseling and health education.

Massage Therapist        

Nan Kristt, LMT, B.S., M.Ed., is a nationally certified therapeutic massage and body work therapist and also holds a masters degree in education. Nan believes that clients should feel connected in body, mind, and spirit, through therapeutic massage. In a world of stress and anxiety, she believes that massage helps create awareness and encourage healing. She utilizes a holistic approach, incorporating Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Craniosacral massage. She is also mindful of the energy meridians in the body and incorporates acupressure massage. She is available at both the Avon and Granby locations.


A modality people may not be as familiar with is Reflexology. Reflexology is a science that studies the reflexes of the feet and how they correlate to every body part. Foot reflexology is a method of stimulating the reflexes in the feet to cause reactions in corresponding body parts – best described as deep relaxation and equilibrium. Reflexology is provided by our certified Reflexologist, Darla DiRusso.

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