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Rob Buschkens



PO Box 7993
Cairns, Queensland 4870
T: 61 (0)407 417 512
F: 61 (0)740 937 4


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EEG Biofeedback Therapist - Rob Buschkens


*Provision of EEG Biofeedback Therapy
(or Neurofeedback): a procedure that
enables participants to improve mental
performance, normalize behavior,
stabilize mood and other conditions
related to brain function by training
the brain rather than using medication.
Used to help individuals with stress,
ADD, depression, anxiety, insomnia
and migraines.
Conditions that have been the subject of
published research include Attention
Deficit Disorder, Depression, Epilepsy,
and Alcoholism. Recent clinical findings
indicate new applications to a wide range
of conditions.
Neurofeedback is also used by athletes,
performing artists and professionals
interested in mental fitness training
for achieving optimal performance.

**Australian-Asian Affiliate Representative
EEG Spectrum International Inc.,
Providing affiliate services, training
and sales for the Pacific Rim countries.

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By Appointment Only
Phone 0407 417 512
Free First Consultation
Discount for Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders





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