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Sally Trautner


33998 N. 57th Place
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
United States
T: 480 767-6202
F: 484 727-6200

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Increase your energy & reduce stress

All of us are exposed to negative energy every day. These harmful influences can come from the attitudes of people we encounter, world events, environmental pollution and the stress of everyday living. Daily exposure to these negative influences can simply wear you down and leave you open to fatigue, depression, anger and disease. The Egyptian Healing Rods can restore your energy and reduce the harmful effects of stress and negative energy by helping to return your body to its natural balance. THE RODS CAN HELP YOU TO FEEL MORE CALM AND CENTERED. With your mind clear, you will find it easier to focus and accomplish more with less stress. If you work as a healer, counselor or body worker, you know how working closely with many people each day can deplete you. Using the healing rods between sessions can restore your energy and clear your mind so that you can give each client or patient your best.

Profile and Credentials        

Enhance Inner Development

Whether you are an experienced mediator or simply want to advance your psychic development, THE EGYPTIAN HEALING RODS HAVE A PROFOUND EFFECT ON INNER LEVELS. Numerous studies suggest that the rods can:

?Balance Yin/Yang Energies

?Enhance Mediation Practice

?Expand Energy Awareness

?Strengthen the Bio-Field

?Open All Chakras

?Increase Psychic Abilities

?Harmonize Energies between Couples

The Pharaohs used the rods as part of their spiritual development, to attune themselves to Cosmic Forces. If you've been searching for a way to take the next step on your Spiritual Journey, THE RODS CAN MAKE YOUR MEDITATION MORE PROFOUND AND OPEN INNER CHANNELS TO HELP YOU CONNECT WITH HIGHER LEVELS.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Secrets of the Rods

Egyptian Pharaohs understood the energy flow in the body and the importance of balancing the Yin and Yang (Female and Male energies). In order to enhance the effectiveness of the rods, a different type was made for each hand. This same principle is used to create today's scientifically-engineered healing rods. A copper rod (signifying the Sun and Masculine Energy) was created to use in the right hand. A zinc rod (signifying the Moon and Feminine Energy) was developed for the left hand. When held properly, the rods create an electrical conduit that both increases energy flow and improves the functioning of the central nervous system. Different materials are inserted into the rods, depending upon the intended effect, such as physical healing or spiritual development.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

TO ORDER The Egyptian Healing Rods have retail prices starting at $229. As the Rods are sealed metal they should provide you a lifetime of benefit. To become a Wholesale distributor of these powerful energy tools contact us for detailed information.

If you wish to purchase these for yourself, call us at 480 767-6202.





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