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PO Box 334
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EJA Magical Journeys offers Workshops, Intensives, Sacred Journeys, Private Consultations, an Informational Website, and Tools for Transformation in Metaphysics and Conscious Reality Creation.

All presentations are channeled by Josh Schwartzbach, presenting SOTU, the Soul of the Universe.

2007, 2 week tour to the Anasazi 4 corners area of the US. "Resurrecting the Ancients", a camping odyssey to reclaim the mysteries of the mastery of the Ancient Anasazi peoples.

Now Open!...EJA shop, by appointment. Crystals, books, divination, readings.

Profile and Credentials        

Josh Schwartzbach and Adrienne Metcalf have been channels, teachers and group leaders for Sacred Journeys for over 12 years.

EJA Magical Journeys has published "TRUTHS from the Soul of the Universe" and presented at expos around the country.

Tours have included the Sacred Sites of Egypt, Greece, Black Madonna sites in Europe, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, Malta and the British Isles.

Philosophy and Comments        

We offer you an opportunity to interact with a consciousness whose focus with humanity is to assist us in growing, evolving and transforming as a species.

From personal perspectives to those of the entirety of humanity SOTU offers the next steps beyond the paradigm of competition and comparison.....into a paradigm of caring, connection, cooperation and PEACE.

Guided imagery and meditation, coupled with emotional and intellectual understanding, are offered to reprogram the subconsious to expand into the new human.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

See website for current schedule.

Resurrecting the Ancients, a camping Odyssey to the Anasazi 4 Corners        

Travel with SOTU & AUDREAM into the past of the mysterious Anasazi peoples of the southwestern US.

As the Soul of the Universe, SOTU, and the Golden Dream of Humanity, AUDREAM, channeled by Josh & Adrienne, will offer their assistance as we will unravel the mysteries of the Anasazi; their powers, their dissappearance and most importantly we will personally reclaim their hidden abilities of mastery.

Detailed itinerary at www.ejamagic.com




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