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Elham Kharabi



2809 Bird Ave, Suite 1A
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
United States
T: 305-443-9011


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Elham Kharabi D.O.M, A.P.


Oriental Medicine has been a treasured healing art/science for over two thousand years, and still is to this day. It has helped billions of people with their concerns; from pediatric through geriatric and gynecological to obstetrical problems as well as others such as stress, injuries, fatigue, depression and more. This proven energetic healing system does not separate mind from body, and the person from the surrounding environment. The four healing tools of the Oriental medical system are: Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Chi-Kung (energy work) and Tui-Na (manipulation of body tissue). When performed by a practitioner of high scientific knowledge, professional artistic integrity and skill, who understands the human body, psyche and it’s placing in the micro and macro cosmos, you will see outstanding results every time. We offer classes in Diet and Nutrition, Therapeutic Stretching, Self Healing along with Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung and Meditation.

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Elham Kharabi, D.O.M, A.P.

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Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday through Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday by appointment Fees vary based on each practice





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