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Luisa Rasiej



PA 18980
United States
T: 215-598-0632




Luisa Rasiej


Unergi-Body Psychotherapy. A holistic therapy method that integrated body, mind, emotions, spirit, creativity and the healing forces of nature. The work offers a way to release habitual movement patterns and get in touch with emotions held in the body as well as the mind. A session may include body awareness, intentional touch, movement, verbal therapy, creative self-expression, dream work, energy flow therapy and communing with nature. Individual therapy as well group workshops.

Profile and Credentials        

Member of the US Association for Body Psychotherapy.

Philosophy and Comments        

Healing and well-being involves a new way of seeing life and ourselves in our every-day tasks. It means having realizations, gaining understanding and ultimately remembering that we always have a choice.

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