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Baldwin Harbor,, NY United States
T: 516-608-2243
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Estelle Ritter B.F.R.P.


By addressing the entire human condition and all different negative states of mind, Bach Flower Essences represents a homeopathic, self-directed approach that quickly restores a sense of well-being and emotional balance, especially during any difficult time. You can use this totally safe and amazing therapuetic program to resolve emotional issues, purge emotional baggage, discontinue negative behavior, and ultimately, by learning how to improve emotional control, you gain your biggest reward - self-empowerment. Call today for a private phone consultation to start overcoming fear and anxiety tomorrow.

Profile and Credentials        

The initials BFRP after my name authorize my credentials as an International Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and are registered with the Trade Marks Registry in the United Kingdom's Patent Office. Bach Practitioner Registration is held by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation in London. Their international Code of Practice and Ethics lays out the highest professional standards in establishing good practice and professional behavior using consultation skills only as methods of diagonosis. Conforming to an international standard in education, and run in association with the Dr. Edward Bach Centre in Mount Vernon, England, the 3 level training program I successfully completed, (introductory, advanced and practitionership level courses) is an adjunct to my undergraduate work in the neuroscience of Human Development. Subsequent to starting up my own private practice I acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding the multifacted characteristics of the essences in my capacity as the National Education Coordinator for Nelson Bach USA; the exclusive US representatives for the Bach Flower Essences. During this period in my career I developed and organized their educational seminars across the nation. These trainings encompassed hundreds of physicians, nurses, holistic healthcare practitioners, pharmacists, psychiatrists, therapists and other assorted medical personnel. Additionally I co-foundered their first toll free educational hotline whereby phone consultations could be made readily available to medical staff as well as holistic minded consumers. I am listed as a provider on GHI's Alternative Health Practitioners Referral Program, and am associated with NCAM, the National Complementary & Alternative Medicine Network throught the Network for Holistic Health. Using the Bach Flower Essences as a seminar template,I currently lecture on a wide array of topics relating directly to the unique role the essences can play in every man,woman & child's life. In addition to my website, wwwbachremedy.com to answer therapuetic questions and offer practitioner support to other healthcare providers, I developed and launched TSM Advantage. This total stress management platform integrates my private practice along with on-site training programs specifically addressing the stress management needs of the corporate culture. The essences have proven to be a resourceful and accomplished tool in managing workplace related stress and diminishing sore job productivity.

Philosophy and Comments        

Because Dr. Bach believed that life should be a pattern of experience to savor and not merely endure, he deliberately pioneered a therapuetic tool that works exclusively with the entire human condition. Advancing self-confidence and emotional control is the energetic compass by which the essences work and ultimately empowers the bodies own natural ability to heal itself. This is the fundamental principle behind the appeal and profundity of this amazing, remedial protocol. By comforting our hectic and stressed out lives this unique and original technique is a startling discovery kept esoteric far too long.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My service can be listed under the following 5 categories: Bach Flowers Bach Practitioners Flower Essences Trauma therapy stress management





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