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Marina Zelenovic



50 Knollview Cres
Toronto, ONT M2K 2E2
T: 416-458-9366


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Everything Zen Nutritional Consulting


You are UNIQUE ~ your body's imbalances & weaknesses display themselves in different symptoms. I am dedicated to helping clients regain control over their health through personalized consultations & individualized diet, lifestyle and supplement protocols. I combine Eastern & Western dietary theory with the practical realities of daily life; and spend a great deal of time educating clients on quick, simple & healthy changes they can make to ensure lasting success and optimial health & wellness.

Profile and Credentials        

Marina Zelenovic B.Sc (hon), CNP, RNCP, President of Everything Zen Nutritional Consulting Inc, is a Certified and Registered Nutritional Counsultant, with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in psychology; and is also certified in Live Blood Cell Analysis and BioTerrain Assessment.

Some of her esteemed clients include: Mark McKoy (Olympic Gold Medalist), Desai Williams (Olympian), Shannon Stewart (ex-Toronto Blue Jay), Gary Roberts (Toronto Maple Leafs).

Philosophy and Comments        

Symptoms of dis-ease only occur in a body that is out-of-balance. Marina's goal is to find where that imbalance is, and correct it, so that good health can ensue!

It is easy to become imbalanced in today's society ~ with the hectic pace of life, long work days, less time spent on exercise and recreation, and OF COURSE, with the over-reliance on processed, fast, junk and nuked foods ~ it is no wonder few people are left feelng GOOD... Lucnkily, with only a few simple diet and lifestyle changes, GREAT health is just around the corner!

Since each person is unique, each will require a personalized program (nutritional, lifestyle, and supplemental) to get them back on the road to good health!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Marina currently works in 2 clinics in Toronto Canada, as well as privately in New York City. She also does phone and internet consultations to clients abroad.

To book an appointment in Toronto call either:
The Institute of Sports Medicine & Wellness (427 & Burnamthorpe)

or The Wellnesss Institute (Royal York & Bloor)

To book an appointment in New York or via internet, please send an email to:

Healthy Eating        

Marina has written two books: Eat Yourself Healthy Volume I: The Facts, and Volume II: The Foods, which set out to simplify and demystify healthy cooking for the average, time pressed person. She also teaches healthy cooking classes that educate the public on how to prepare quick and healthy meals to empower them to make lasting changes to their eating habits.She also offers a weekly home delivery service of healthy, organic, prepared foods (gluten & dairy free). ** Contact: 416-458-9366 for more information

Weight Loss & Other Imbalances        

Marina has developed the Zen Weight Management Program, which focuses on teaching the fundamentals of losing weight, so the results are permanent. This program addresses each person's unique needs and detrimental lifestyle and dietary habits, so they can be resolved ~ once and for all! She has also developed programs to address symptoms associated with: menopause, infertility, cardiovascular disorder, fibromyalgia, diabtetes, and sports nutrition to name but only a few.

Live Blood Analysis        

Live Blood Analysis is an assessment method that looks at a live drop of blood under a high magnification microscope. Many deficiencies, biochemical imbalances or toxicities can be detected long before routine lab tests show any problems. Early intervention through diet change and supplements can then be implemented to prevent dis-ease.Live cell can reveal: cell damage caused by free radicals; atherosclerotic plaque; bacteria & parasites; fugus/yeast; hormonal imbalance; digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid deficiencies; B12, folic acid deficiencies; uric acid crystals; poor circulation and under-oxygenation of the blood; heavy metals.It is NOT a diagnostic tool, but rather a prevetative one

Eat Yourself Healthy Seminars        

Marina regularly holds healthy eating seminars to help educate the public on improving their health. With so much mis-information out there, many are left not knowing what is good or bad for them ~ and Marina helps clarify some of these with sound research from respectable sources.

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