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A licensed mental health professional, I provide psychospiritual counseling for life path discovery & personal problem solving, with focus on 'shadow' work, through a synthesis of Jungian psychology, Astrology,Numerology & Tarot Exercises. Birth chart work determines karmic life lessons which interfere with manifesting potential and fulfilling life purpose. Tarot exercises are designed to elicit unconscious aspects involved, leading to conscious life changes. Process is interactive with instructions, interpretations throughout, until you achieve awareness of Self.

Profile and Credentials        

I am an Occupational Therapist (OTR - #240143) with many years experience in the mental health field, including as Director of O.T. in a regional psychiatric inpatient program. I've been published in professional therapy journals, including an award winning article on the adaptation of Tarot cards for psychological evaluation and counseling.

I currently have a new book in publication _ "THROUGH THE TAROT LOOKING GLASS - In Search of Self: Guide to the Psychodynamics of Tarot Imagery", which guides the reader through exercises I use in my counseling services. It provides theoretical background as well as esoteric & suggested psychological meanings for all 78 Tarot cards.

Philosophy and Comments        

Complete self-awareness can not occur without accessing the unconscious and bringing all 'shadow' and repressed material to the level of conscious understanding and acceptance. Once this is accomplished, we are free to follow our life path and achieve our full potential__to become self-actualized.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work primarily through e-mail communications, on a daily basis.

General fees are $20/hour.

Interactive Tarot counseling __ $25 per session. Completed Tarot exercises are
sent to me via e-mail, and I return feedback on these. The session fees cover each assignment and my feedback on that exercise.

A complete integrated Birth chart -- astrology/numerology __ $100.

Individual astrology chart __ $75.

Composite relationship chart __ $100

Current year indications, utilizing major transits, solar return chart, progressions & solar arc directions __ $125. (If ordered with a birth chart _ $100.)





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