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F. Douglas Randak



Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, MD 21210
United States
T: 443-310-9298


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F. Douglas Randak


Spiritual Counseling for Individuals and Couples - The Spiritual Path as Therapy

For those who want more peace, joy, laughter and love in their lives. This is possible!

Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, my work is to train you to become aware of your thoughts & feelings and help you to see how they are making your world. I help you to see, to hear & to feel what you are doing within yourself mentally and emotionally. What also happens in our sessions is very enjoyable training in how to choose the inner experience that you truly want. The work we do together is very gratifying. Undesired symptoms in the body, your life & your feelings are released as you begin replacing familiar destructive, beliefs with helpful ones that we discover together. The changes you want to make in your life are possible. We may use pleasant forms of therapy, coaching, journaling, guided imagery, meditation & more. For those who desire it, I offer intensive coaching for A Course In Miracles students who desire accelerated progress.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a long time student of A Course in Miracles, which is the philosophical core of my life and my work.

Ask about my bi-weekly study groups on A Course In Miracles held alternate Sundays at Breathe Books in Baltimore.

I am self taught in several modalities, philosophies of healing and metaphysics. I am best described as an "intuitive" practitioner or spiritual teacher.
I am an ordained minister in a non-denominational church.

Philosophy and Comments        

All happiness and unhappiness, wellness and illness, fortune and misfortune are experiences whose origin is in our minds. The are changes we can make that make life feel beautiful. And this is good news once we learn what sort of approach, what sort of attitude, to take towards life.

Our lives are supposed to be happy lives - but before this can happen, many of us need to come to a certain understanding of what the game of life is and where the fun is supposed to be.
With the proper orientation and practice we can learn to enjoy life in ways that our childhood may not have fully prepared us to.

It is my goal that when we are through with our time together, that you will have the tools you need to move forward on your own power in a new way, equipped with your own inner guidance.

I welcome your questions.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

$95 per session for individuals
$125 per session for couples

At this time, sessions are held in the comfort of the client's own home, office or other place of comfort or beauty.

Please feel free to call or write with detailed questions.

From the Baltimore Sun - January, 2004        

We can all learn to see and to let go of painful ways of living and to unlock the braver, happier selves inside us; we can enjoy being creative about our lives. And each of us is deserving of an enjoyable life! Living is supposed to be fun, and we can learn how to have fun making the changes we want - to the health of our bodies, our relationships, our work, even our personalities...and feel full of life inside. Looking within can be fun and empowering, and it can lead to great feelings of hope, success and confidence.


"... it's work I can't quite do with anyone else I've met. It's as though he knew my personal, particular potential as soon as he met me. He sees with tenderness and compassion the walls I've built inside me, and their emotional cost to me. The super-clear vision he has of the unique and amazing gift I am as a person excites him so much, he holds the light for me while I excavate." L.M., Washington, D.C.

"Doug will blow your mind, open your heart... give you a new lens on life... all while you laugh your head off. If you want something in your life to change - call him." C.B., Baltimore.

"thank you again for all of your work. You've helped me in ways that I can't even describe . . . ." A.S., Baltimore.

This is a form of training - not really therapy.        

I am committed to your success!!


note: you can also visit http://healing.about.com

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