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michael joseph



nottingham, ng52es
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profesional hand reader and specialist card reader,of forty years standing. From a long tradition of many generations, Using the psycards for highly accurate and indepth answers.intergrating both the seen and unseen to create a clear unvarnished answer to any sphere of our lives Emotional, Profesional, Financial,Personal,Spritual, Trust michael-joseph to help and guide on lifes rocky road .

Profile and Credentials        

Profesional clairvoyant of the highest standing. Regarded by his colleagues as an expert in his field, His amazing insight will help undo those knots that prevent us going forward towards a happy and fulfilled life.,

Philosophy and Comments        

Only light can banish darkness,nothing can overcome humility, Compassion and understanding are all we require to heal ourselves, Once that is begun we start to aquire strength. Then we get our sight back,And almost without knowing we stop hurting ,The wounded child is getting well,and you, the real you starts to grow, Welcome Home. Love and Peace Michael-joseph

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

930am 730 pm seven days aweek refer to website for Fee scale www.michael-joseph.com

Specialist Card Reader ,and Handreader        




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