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Nancy Wesson



Austin, TX United States
T: 888-593-7319




Focus On Space


Commercial and residential Feng Shui consultations. Offers seminars and instuction in Feng Shui, Clutter Management, Stress Reduction, People Reading and Intuition Development both privately and for University of Texas Informal Classes, Eanes Community Education, and Austin Board of Realtors, Shenandoah University (WV), Hagerstown Community College (MD)and various other venues. Available for custom seminars, public speaking engagements. Featured expert for Princess Cruise Lines, KLRU television in Austin. Authors a Feng Shui column in The Homesteader, an Austin, Texas newspaper. Serving Austin,Texas, Washington, D.C., Northern, VA and Maryland.

Profile and Credentials        

International Certification, with focus on Black Sect and Five Element Theory. MA from University of Texas and experience as Director of a large Medical Program led to study of Pranic Healing, Silva Method, Intuition Development study with Carolyn Myss, Barbara Brennan, Ph.D., Master Choa Kok Sui, and Professor Lin Yun and Robert Monroe. Extensive business experience and track record with real estate renovations, management and resale. Experienced Conflict Resolution Mediator and Victim Services Counselor. Strong intuition and unusual depth and breadth of experience is brought to each consultation to provide insightful, effective recommendations. Development of intuition skills which emerged in childhood has led to the creation of Intuition Development Workshops helping people Re-claim and harness their own "inner voice."

Philosophy and Comments        

My goal is to empower every client to create an integrated life, where every life aspect supports the other, in much the same way that each instrument suports the symphony as a whole. While this may sound esoteric, the recommendations offered are extremely practical, effective and frequently felt immediately. Each client is unique. In offering solutions, the individual's personality, goals and aspirations, issues, and life milieu are paramount. The creation of the life one wants requires going deeply into one's intention. Too often the focus is on "what we don't want." The emphasis here is to determine what the heart desires and create an invironment that is embracing in it's comfort, functionally practical, rich in symbolism and profound in results. This is a process that begins the moment the client makes a committmet to move forward, and continues with each conscious choice and insight. Serving clients in Austin, Texas; Washington D.C., and West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Schedule flexible to meet the clients needs. Fee schedule dependant on combination of services and location. Based on hourly rate





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