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FOLKLAND paintings by Evgenyia


Evgenyia has highly sensitive vision, feeling, and technique in painting. In her "Folkland" series, the iconic gaze of her portrait subjects reflects a fusion of American Primitive with Evgenyia's Russian and Polish heritage.

Profile and Credentials        

Quite literally, a child of the New York City "ash can school" of artists, Evgenyia graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in textile art and design. Throughout her over 30-year career, Evgenyia has produced a variety of artwork in oil, acrylic, watercolor, casine and gouache, painting on canvas, wood, glass and collage.

Philosophy and Comments        

Artist's Statement
I am a painter in the American Primitive style and my portraits, landscapes and interiors express the point of view of the child in relationship to the world- an observer looking from the outside in. My work opens a window into the child's state of mind and reveals the lost world of childhood. My style of work represents early childhood fantasies and the playful childhood heart, evoking things loved and longed for from our childhood, and perhaps the world we could not have as well.

Primitive art itself is a style and manner of painting that is found in many cultures. Ethnicities worldwide have expressed their unique life and times through this honest and simple art form. My own Slavic background has imparted quite a unique "iconic" quality to my American primitive art which people have frequently commented on because of the pervading sense of the mystical in the gaze of my portrait subjects.

In a way, the term 'primitive art' can be thought of as misleading because this style of flat, two dimensional surface painting fools the observer into thinking the artist does not posses actual drawing skills- knowledge of perspective and technique. This is perhaps where psychology takes over and my vision of the world comes through in a very allegorical way- people appear doll-like, and even the trees look like candy!

My work as an artist has been a heart-felt practice which began as I grew up in a home of artists and art lovers. I paint professionally using oil, acrylic or gouache on canvas or wood or sometimes other surfaces, such as my series of paintings on glass bottles. I am currently at work on my next project- a series of posters using a much less standardized version of American primitive art.

My work is under copyright, and I appreciate it when that is respected. If you are interested in my work, please contact me for samples.

Thank you very much for your interest in my work!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Studio hours are by appointment. Commissions are welcomed.





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