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Frances Keyes



101 State St., Apt.5
Windsor, VT United States


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EMF Balancing Technique


One of the latest in biology-spirit integration, the EMF (electromagnetic field)Balancing Technique (registered)facilitates,strengthens,and balances the electromagnetic energy patterns.It accelerates your energetic sensitivity,personal growth,healing and allows you to carry the full charge of your Being.The energy is self-directing,powerful, and gentle as you balance mind and emotions,release pain of past issues,align chakras to create a new life based on wisdom and love.This is SELF-EMPOWERMENT!!! This tool also allows you to connect to the Universal Calibration Lattice.

Profile and Credentials        

25 years teaching experience Reiki Practitioner Montessori Guide Courses and seminars: "sacred path", "A Way of the Heart", crystals, "bio-energetics", Gestalt Therapy", "interpretation of candle reading", EMF Balancing Technique - practitioner and teacher of certification seminars. Profile:FRANCES KEYES: Montessori Guide,teacher for 25 years while living in Mexico,Tae Kwon Do Black Belt,Reiki practitioner,Frances combines these experiences with the many other courses taken in her search to integrate spirit-biology. Frances, now resides in Vermont and looks forward to sharing this technique with all, especially those desiring wiser and more loving lives.

Philosophy and Comments        

I did not realize when I took the course what I was getting into and when I began to give the sessions, I realized this is the most powerful and fast-moving energy I have ever experienced and seen!!!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Frances Keyes offers sessions, lectures and certification seminars for those who desire personal growth and/or wish to become practitioners of this profound technique. mini-sessions:(15-20 minutes) $20.00. Full sessions(aprox. 1 hr.$60.00 long-distance sessions:$60.00.





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