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Ms. Frankie Avalon Wolfe, MH, PhD



7 Whitehawk Circle
Boise, ID 83716-3009
United States
T: 208-343-3482
F: 208-385-9340


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Healing Feats™ Holistic Health Services


A large resource site for natural health enthusiasts. Featuring iridology, reflexology, herbal nutrition, ear coning, colonics, homeopathics, essential oils and much more! Find and order books on these topics, find a natural health school or practitioner. Network with others, set an appointment with or take classes from author and Natural Health Consultant and Instructor, Ms. Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D

Profile and Credentials        

Ph.D. Holistic Nutrition, Master Herbalist degree, Mastster of Holistic Healing Certificate, Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist, Certified Iridologist, Author, Instructor, Speaker Specailizing in iridology wiht herbal nutritional programs and foot reflexology.

Philosophy and Comments        

I use iridology, sclerology, nutritional history intake forms, muscle testing, blood typing, gladular body typing and Biological Terrain Assessments testing (analyzes urine and saliva specimens) as my non-invasive analysis tools to determine nutritional imbalances and genetic weaknesses for each client. I aim to help my client understand their underlying causes of symptoms, and then teach them what they need to do to attain better health. We then create a customized herbal/supplemental program for the health goals of the individual.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Worldwide clientele, so appointment days/times vary. Travel schedule is listed at website http://www.healingfeats.com/availabl.htm. Outside Idaho call toll free to schedule: 1-866-303-1068. Typical hours Tues, Wed, Thur 10AM-9PM--other days by special arrangement. New client Natural Health Consultation/Assessment(2 hours)--$150.00* Existing client follow-ups $60.00 Online e-mail natural health consult/assessment: $75.00* Reflexology 1 hour-- $45.00 Reflexology 1/2 hour--$30.00 Ear Coning--$35.00 Reconnective Healing--$30.00 Tanning session--$5.00 each or package of 6 for $25.00 Aromatic/detoxing steam room sitting--FREE with any paid service *Nutritional supplements are additional cost--will provide wholesale costs on supplements except for in stock items.

Healing Feats™ Reflexology Certification Program        

320-hour training and certification program for those seeking to become professional Reflexologists and who wish to qualify for National Certification with the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB®). Hands-on classes are taught in intensive Modules over two weekends each month for four months. We may accept credits from other schools/training programs toward elective credits. 75 hours of anatomy and physiology will be required for certification, but are not required to participate in any of the Healing Feats™ classes.




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