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Christine Cole



1000 Sexton Road
Sebastopol, CA United States
T: 888-596-6006
F: 707-824-0802


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Christine Cole/Full House Farm


Horses remind us of our core intention and inner rhythm. Like a flock of birds or a school of fish, herds of horses move with synchronicity of motion; as one entity. Their communication is understood on a vibrational level, creating alignment of the whole. Humans have the capacity to move with the same harmony, resulting in an alignment with our desires that heightens our pleasure and sustains well-being, improving our experience of life and creating health from the inside out. Tapping into this “vibrational awareness” allows expansion of creativity and develops a dynamic that attracts matching intentions.

Profile and Credentials        

40 years observing and relating with horses. Over 30 years coaching. 15 years of intense research into psychological, physical and spiritual therapies. Over 20 years formal dressage training.

Philosophy and Comments        

I teach people ages 2 years and up. This work can be a stepping stone to assisting humans in the process of remembering we are a member of a community on this planet.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Workshops are held the first Saturday of every month April through November. There are many programs to choose from and private arrangements can be made. Fees vary, based on content and time spent. Please visit www.fhfarm.com.





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