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Karen Ferreira



1159 Park St
Ashland, OR 97520
United States
T: 541-482-9266


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Karen Rae Ferreira. CCH, RSHom


I offer consultations in Classical Homeopathy in person, or by telephone, for women, men, and children wishing to address chronic physical and/or emotional conditions, or to enhance their experience of well being.

As founder and mentor of Academia Homeopatica in southern Oregon, I offer classes in Homeopathy required for certification. I also teach courses in Homeopathy for Childbirth Attendants, and Homeopathic First Aid. I am developing on-line curriculums for home study.

Profile and Credentials        

Karen Rae Ferreira, CCH, RSHom(NA)
Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH)

Registered w/ North America Society of Homeopaths (N.A.S.H.)as RSHom(NA)

Member National Center for Homeopathy

Philosophy and Comments        

Homeopathy is my passion since 1979. In my practice, I incorporate Classical Homeopathy with the wisdom of the ancients, teachings of Ayurveda and Indigenous Peoples.

All of my clients are regarded with respect and compassion, as seekers of freedom from mental, emotional, and physical limitation (aka "disease"). My commitment is to offer my services toward client's rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of balance on all levels of their being.

There are no "incurable diseases". I work with clients to custom design a health regime that empowers access to their own in-born self-healing capabilities.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Consultations (in person or by telephone) are available weekdays 9am-3pm (evening, weekend or holiday consultations require an additional fee of $50).

Cost of intitial consultation:

$200 for adults

$100-175 for children

Cost of Follow-ups:

$100 per hour of consultation

Fees include the time neccessary for researching the case, as well as brief phone or email consultations of 5 minutes or less, to fine tune instructions

Remedies cost $10 per bottle ($15 if mailed)





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