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6220 Almond Terrace
Plantation, FL 33317
United States
T: (954) 321-5565
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A person who enables another being to speak to others through them is called a "channel." Galexis' channel is Ginger Chalford Metraux. Galexis, a group of channeled guides, has no competitive attitudes. That means that you can work with whatever other guides, humans, or beings you like to and Galexis will assist you 100%. Several clients attend Lazaris workshops and get their spiritual transformative work going and then talk with Galexis to help them integrate the transcendent experiences and higher truths into their everyday-world life. You are welcome to utilize Galexis in any way that has significance and is helpful to you.

Profile and Credentials        

Ginger Chalford Metraux was born in Tennessee to religious fundamentalist parents. Being deeply spiritual but rebellious by nature, she decided to start her journey of self discovery. Through the decades of her youth and middle years, Ginger experienced psychedelics, Surat Shabd Yoga (Yoga of the Divine Sound Current), fasting and high vibration diets, naturopathy and nutrition, transactional analysis (TA), core release work, art expression (commercial art and illustration), music (both classical and pop, performing and writing), Gestalt therapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the MariEl Healing System, Lazaris private readings and workshops starting in January 1980, Spiritualism and the occult, applied/psychological kinesiology, psychic healing of various sorts, and much more. She received her doctorate from Walden University (now the Excelsior College) in Minneapolis Minnesota. Her doctoral case study was on the effects of emotional change on visual acuity. She has been known as a prominent national astrologer and author of two astrological books "The Inner Personalities of the Chart," a study in TA and astrology, and "Pluto, Planet of Magic and Power," a look into the nature of personal transformation. Ginger married Francois Metraux, her second husband, in October 1981. She has no children. She and Francois live in Plantation, Florida, in a section known as the "historical acres." In Florida, historical is 1950's! Her interests include writing, native plant gardening, bird/wildlife/butterfly gardening, learning to work with plant spirits, and shamanism. She is active in environmental issues and writes the monthly Native Plant Society newsletter.

Philosophy and Comments        

In 1982, Ginger Metraux and her husband Francois, decided that their inability to get timely readings from popular channels (most notably Lazaris) left an information gap in their lives. So in an effort to become more self sufficient, the pair took turns at trying to get simple intuitive information for each other. One would lie down and the other one would ask questions which could be answered by either "yes" or "no."

Although both could get "yes" and "no" answers, Ginger emerged as the "natural." Not only did she get the basic black-and-white answers, she began to get pictures and hear words. Over time, she received more and more complex interpretations of the answers. Although this was helpful in answering a few of the many questions Ginger and Francois had, it didn't go deep enough. Ginger noticed that if she had any issue or "charge" about the answer, she would have difficulty getting it, or the answer would be skewed in some way.

Then Ginger attended a class in channeling given by renowned trance medium Alexander Murray of New York City. What she had been doing, Alexander pointed out, was "mental channeling." He urged her and the other students to let spirit guides speak directly through them. Ginger's "gatekeeper" spoke through her, and soon she was channeling several different personal guides.

Over the new few months, Ginger channeled these guides for Francois and herself. One would speak, then leave. Another would come through. In a single session, Ginger could channel as many as 5 or 6 of them in a row. This was tiring, but the information Francois received was clearer and more precise. He felt their caring and love energy more deeply. The material lost the "clutter" of personal ego interference and needs.

In August of 1988, Ginger went to a channeling given by Paul McClain, now known as Mataare. In the attunement portion of the reading, Paul commented that there was someone who especially wanted to come through and work with Ginger. She was pleased and thought it was probably yet another friendly guide. But as she was channeling for Francois a few weeks later, a new, more powerful presence emerged. The voice was deeper, more vibrant. When Francois asked "what is your name?" The entity said "we do not have a name." So Francois simply called it "the Voice." After this, the Voice came through more often and began attuning Ginger's energies. The attunement enabled the information to be of better quality while Ginger's trance got deeper.

Over the succeeding years, the Voice began to blend various guides together so that Ginger didn't have to go through all the "ins and outs" of entity traffic. At first, Francois could hear a difference in the accents and speaking styles as one guide gave another one the "microphone." But the Voice suggested that Ginger would be less likely to come to surface consciousness if she felt more secure in the knowledge that the Voice was "real." So the Voice took on an accent that the channel, Ginger, couldn't imitate. This allowed Ginger to go deeper and not be so concerned about the information coming through. Consequently, it became more useful and significant in their lives.

By 1994, the information the couple were receiving had become so specific and transformative that both of them were experiencing amazing and exciting leaps of personal development. They both decided that material this good would be helpful for other people too. So Ginger experimented by channeling here and there for friends. The enthusiastic feedback encouraged her. So on March 7th, 1994, Ginger channeled the Voice publicly for the first time. Attending were some close friends who sat in a circle with her and Francois and their living room.

It's an odd thing being a channel; you sit exposed in front of everybody but you must let go and mostly disappear, not knowing what odd things your body might be liable to do while you're not looking!

In order for Ginger to be more relaxed and practiced with channeling, Ginger decided to do more events. So the couple opened up their house for a free channeling one night each week. Large crowds of people showed up to fill every chair and space in their living room. Ginger and Francois didn't even know most of them. The Voice would begin with a short talk and then answer questions from the group.

Over the following months, the quality of the information improved as the channel's trance deepened. The Voice explained themselves as a group that spoke as One. Although they started out as a small core group, the Voice kept adding members, including several ascended masters and other indefinable transdimensional beings.

Eventually the Voice said it was time for a name, suggesting that they felt the "Voice" to be too distant and kept people from feeling connected closely to them. But since the Voice did not immediately reveal the new name, Francois and Ginger decided to hold a "name that entity" contest. Several people submitted names, and the winner would receive a free private channeling. But before the contest was over, the Voice spoke to Ginger internally and gave her "Galexis" as the name. Ginger and Francois then chose their favorite submitted name and Ginger privately channeled for the person who'd given them what they thought was the best alternative. From that point onward, Galexis made a deeper connection with those for whom Ginger channeled. They became warmer, funnier, and more engaging.

Galexis is still plural today, made up of many who speak as One. Galexis has admitted to being comprised of at least 200 guides at any given time! They have chosen Ginger, they say, as the channel because she knows the powerfully precise spiritual-emotional language and definitions taught by Lazaris. Unlike Lazaris however, Galexis is not from outside this Universe. Most of Galexis' members have had human lifetimes. Others are personal, private guides who are specific to Ginger or to the individual(s) being channeled for. Galexis is very private about who their members are. Perhaps that is to keep Ginger from getting overwhelmed or ego-involved. But it can also partly be to reduce the tendency by clients to form expectations about the sub-entities. Some of Galexis' members are well-known and frequent guests with other channels across the country!

When clients ask for information about their own guides, Galexis will seldom share their names and descriptions. According to Galexis, the process of connecting with one's own guides and learning their names is an important part of the relationship and shouldn't be shortcut by a third party. Also, some people would use this information as entertainment or for ego-validation alone.

Unlike some other entities that come through trance mediums, Galexis doesn't wear out their welcome. You see, Ginger wasn't feeling well when she decided to do channeling for a livelihood. She had chronic fatigue and the painful condition of fibromyalgia. When considering what she could do for a living, sitting down and letting go was something Ginger said "I can do!" But she insisted that if she channeled, that she feel better after the session than before. Galexis agreed and has given Ginger a healing every single session.

Ginger awakens feeling more alert and refreshed than when she went into her trance. Now she no longer has the debilitating condition and her health continues to improve with Galexis' help. Channeling however, is not her destiny work. Ginger believes in being conscious as much as possible and developing her consciousness in such a way that she can come Home to God/Goddess/All That Is. Her destiny work therefore must be the work of her conscious self. However, the channeling is an important and precious piece of her life journey along the way. She is grateful for Galexis and will continue to channel them. Besides, she doesn't want to interfere with the beautiful relationships that Galexis has developed with the beautiful people that are their clients.

Galexis has no competitive attitudes. That means that you can work with whatever other guides, humans, or beings you like to and Galexis will assist you 100%. Several clients attend Lazaris workshops and get their spiritual transformative work going and then talk with Galexis to help them integrate the transcendent experiences and higher truths into their everyday-world life. You are welcome to utilize Galexis in any way that has significance and is helpful to you.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

To be notified about future workshops please send an e-mail to notify@galexisspirit.com.





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