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Heather Curell



707 East Huron Avenue
Bad Axe,, MI 48413
United States
T: (810) 414-HERB (4372)
F: 672-9097


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Heather Curell - Gardens of Heather


Heather's eclectic schooling includes social-work, herbalism, massage-therapy, aromatherpy, iridology, kinesiology, blood, saliva, hair and urine & stool testing, flower essences, color-therapy & nutrition. She also owns and operates a handcrafted spa company called "Gardens of Heather". Gardens of Heather carries bath & body products, essential oils, carrier oils, herbs and a wide range of natural supplements.

Profile and Credentials        

Heather is a naturopath with a multi-disciplinary approach to whole-health. She is a healer at heart and backed with many ecclectic school certificates. She has served in the U.S. Army, many local, community and other volunteer organizations and earned many good service awards. She has attended University of Washington D.C.; Delta College; U.S. Army's Academy of Health Sciences; Newport News Army school for Administrative Assistant; Delta College; Arizona State University; Saginaw Valley State University; the School of Natural Healing; and Flint School of Therapeutic Massage. She instructs for many colleges, universities, community education departments and hospitals; educating all over the state of Michigan including, butnot limited to, Michigan State Universtity; Saginaw Valley State University; Mott Community College, Macomb Community College; St. Johns Hospital; Marlette Community Hospital and several others. She currently holds degrees and certificates in Socail Work; Massage, Master Herbalist; and Aromatherapy. She belongs to the North American Flower Essence Society; the American Holistic Nurses Association; the Association of Massage and Bodyworker Professionals; the American Herb Association and the International Aromatherapy and Herb Association.

Philosophy and Comments        

Heather believes that everyone, regardless of monetary allottments should have access to alternative therapists. She donates much of her time and energy educating the public on the benefits of natural health. She barters as well. Heather is well known in her community and has an excellent repore amoung her colleagues as well.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Heather is available as needed. She has a fee schedule you can visit at gardensofheather.com. She also will barter services and takes each individuals situation individually to qualify them for her sliding fee schedule.

Social Worker        

Heather has a social work degree from SVSU. She uses this when counseling clients. With this type of degree Heather is able to refer clients to other organizations in the community to help meet needs she cannot address.

Master Herbalist        

Through the School of Natural Healing Heather has a Master Herbalist certificate. She has an in-depth study and background of clinical herbalism and uses of herbs in differnet modalities. She is a practicing herbalist and carries over 130 different bulk herbs.

Certified Massage Therapist        

Building on her foundation of natural health studies, Heather graduated top of her class at the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage. She has had 7 semesters of anatomy and physiology to help prepare her for the body work she performs. She practices swedish massage, trigger point work, deep tissue massage, reflexology and many other modalities to help incorporate her total body, mind and spirit approach to wellness.


Heather is also an aromatherapist. She incorporates this knowledge into her massage visits and heavily into her bath and body company. She custom blends and designs all scopes of aromatherapy in her practice and spa company.

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