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Sean Siverly



144 Knapp St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
United States
T: (616) 262-5421


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Sean Siverly


I create fine art paintings using a variety of mediums (predominantly oils) and incorporate various techniques and styles: figure and portrait, landscape and still life, abstract and non-objective, assemblage and collage. I also do drawings, small scale sculpture and some photography. I am currently working on a series of "extreme portraits" based on close-up photographs.

Profile and Credentials        

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Kendall College of Art & Design in 2002. Since graduating I have been working on a variety of paintings. I have done commission works and sold to private patrons. My most recent sales were at the 2004 Cheekwood Institute Art and Fashion Show Auction in Nashville, TN. I had an exhibit of my Russian figurative works at Four Friends Coffeehouse in Grand Rapids, MI. in January 2004.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have always believed in the power of art, and I have always believed that this power should be shared with everyone. Too often I have found that the "oneness" and "preciousness" of art interferes with accessibility, and this in turn makes many people feel as though works of art are out of their reach. The rhetoric and philosophies surrounding art, have also made it less appealing for some, and in terms of purchasing and owning art, the cost is too high for many. My mission has always been to create "art for the people." What this idea involves is many things, dealing with different types of work. Personal connections and revelations, developing one's own conclusions without set limitations on "what it's about." These are only a couple of the factors I consider with the work I've done, and the audience I hope will view it.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My work can be seen at www.creationsofred.com, and I have works currently on display at "The Gallery" in Centerpointe Mall, Kentwood MI. Appointments can be made to visit my studio, or set up commission work at (616) 262-5421, or by e-mail: gbozgtr@earthlink.net





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