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Penelope Chesney



POBox 1320
Murwillumbah, NSW 2484
T: (02) 6677 7539




Globalight Enterprises


Globalight is the coming together of the many facets of recovery for a woman who successfully travelled the pathway from grief, depression, low self esteem and poor health to personal freedom, power over self, calmness, joy, healing on all levels and most importantly, deep connection to Spirit. She offers a wide range of aquired metaphysical skills and gifts and gives nothing to her clients that has not been used successfully in her our own journey. Penelope is a Psychic Artist who channels both the Archangels and the Devic Councils of Nature. From Their help she created the Globalight Angelic Tarot - Major Arcana that has proved to be a powerful healing tool in it's own right. Penelope also holds registration as a Level 1 Practitioner of the Bonney Method of Guided Imagery & Music. She has formed 2-day seminar structures that; a)allow access to the creative centres of the subconscious, bringing forth personal imagery and facilitating the completion of issues, &; b) a "Metaphysical Tools and Sacred Ritual" weekend, when Penelope passes on all the tools that actually worked for her during her Journey. Penelope offers special help for Grief Recovery. Her Journey came into being from the deaths of her only son and daughter-in-law in 1988 and the rearing of her permanently injured grandaughter. She knows how to ease the pain and bring the insights.

Profile and Credentials        

Penelope Chesney holds a Degree & Postgraduate in Fine Arts and is registered Practitioner of the Bonney Method of Guided Imagery & Music. Penelope is an Essence Pratitioner and Teaching Master of Reiki, Seichem, SKHM and Karuna Ki. Penelope is a psychic artist with many works in international publication.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our aim is to bring as many people as possible back into a center of spiritual awareness and peace of mind. We do not give to the client, but draw out the beauty and strength that lies undiscovered in each of us

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please keep in touch for a regular schedule of events, readings, seminars & classes





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