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Gloria Stein



Fairhope, AL 36532
United States
T: 251 990-7727




Glory of the Heart


I specialize in Angel Blessings for all occasions. Whenever there is a need for extra help and support in a situation in our life, I call in the Angels. They help us to work miracles in our own life, everyday. As we clear a difficult situation and pray for positive outcome, I teach you how to call in and work with your own Angels.

I also make Angel Products to help you clear and cleanse your body and Christ Consciousness Candles for prayer, meditation, Sacred Space Clearing and Protection.

My Glory of the Heart bath and personal care products are handcrafted and made in my Shop/Showroom with Angel Blessings and Love.

I make all Vegetable Glycerin Soap & Bath Salts from 100% Kiln Dried Sea Salts scented with Essential Oils, Glycerin Base Lotions and Salt Glow Body Scrubs. They are Beautiful & aroma-theraputic. All natural for your highest good and vibration. Custom Blends are available.

I now have other Soy Candles with Papercore wicks blessed by the Angels available in the same fragrances of my Bath Products. You can have a total Bath and Self Nurturing experience in your favorite scent, from candles to lotions.

Profile and Credentials        

Glory of the Heart

Gloria Stein, Angel Advocate, Energy Worker, Healer & Artist.

I have been working with Angels for guidance and self-healing for years. As I learned other forms of self-healing/Energy work: Reiki, Matrix Intergration Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Aura Repair & Clearings, Energy Medicine, Karma Release techniques with Quan Yin, Sacred Space Clearings and negative thought forms/entity/energy release. I consider myself to be a healer's healer.

I make products to aide in healing and bringing in the Angels to help us in our life.

All my products have been blessed by the Angels for the Highest and Best good of all who use them. I use Special aromatherapy blends given to me for healing and to raise vibration. These beautiful products are made with love and high-quality natural ingredients for your pleasure and healing from the Angels and Glory of the Heart.

Philosophy and Comments        

I work with Angels for guidance and healing. As part of that healing, I take the time each day for a soothing hot bath - instead of a shower - to unwind, de-tox and talk with my Angels. One day my Angels gave me a vision of something they wanted me to do; I saw vision of two hands coming down from above, holding a glowing, radiant heart. I knew this meant that they wanted people to have something from them to use everyday that could be a symbol of their Love and Healing. Something as simple as a bar of soap could be that symbol. So I made the Soap that The Angels wanted as well as Bath Salts that they bless. I make the soap and bath salts look beautiful and smell heavenly as I believe that Beauty is a manifestation of all that is Sacred.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The Kiln Dried Sea Salt Bath Salts are $10.00 for a 14oz. Mylar bag as are my Salt Glow Body Scrubs. For the healing products, my Showroom and Cottage Industry/home is always open. Soap is $6.00 for the 5.5 oz bar(pictued to left) and $4.00 for the large Heart shaped bars above, and $2.00 each for the small Hearts. Lotions are $2.50 for 2 oz, $4.00 for 4 oz, and $6 for 6 oz size bottle with a flip-disk cap.

Candles are in 4 oz glass container and have about 30 hours burn time.

Postage and shipping are in addition to product price. Gift sets, Bags and Baskets are available.





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