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#307 Toxaway Views
Lake Toxaway, NC 28747
United States
T: 828 508 9292
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Gorges Music Park


Gorges Music Park is one of the most up and coming venues on the east coast. With 250 acres surrounded on three sides by state park it offers an escape from lifes every day hastles. Gorges boasts beautiful views and waterfalls, bearwallow falls the largest drops a hundred feet. 3 miles of trails are prime for hiking and mountain biking.

Profile and Credentials        

Gorges Music Park is scenically located between Gorges State Park and beautiful Lake Toxaway in Appalachian Mountains on NC. This is the end of our second season, after this season we will have put on 9 events. Gorges will host a concert or festival atleasts once a month from April to October each year. When we are not hosting an event we act as a retreat for people to do their private events: weddings, parties, or family gatherings.

Philosophy and Comments        

We strive to create a wholesome family environment for artisans crafters, and healers to display their talents and for people to enjoy natures beauty.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Feel free to come and see us anytime (by appointment). Rates vary depending on the length of stay.





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